Not yet surprised by the super selfie smartphone V23e, vivo pleases fans with the V23 5G selfie “top of the top”

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2022-01-03 22:28:04

The spectacular launch of V23e with product ambassador Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc has captivated vivo fans in particular and technology believers in general. Conquering young users in the mid-range smartphone segment with excellent quality, vivo continuously pleases fans by continuously improving products and releasing brand new smartphone models. V23e was just “hot” on the market just over a month ago, Y33s was launched on the occasion of the festival and now is an upgraded version of V23 5G, promising to also bring great surprises to users.

As a smartphone with vivo’s unique selfie camera, the V23 series of course still focuses on its “forte”: Photography and video recording features. Going from the brand’s philosophy of helping users connect with their emotions better through selfies, vivo continues to upgrade and develop V23 5G based on the experiences and successful premise from V23e. “Natural selfie, self-confident” with V23 5G version will definitely be raised to a new level. Of course, for you to hold the product in your hand and feel it for yourself, you can understand how “genuine” V23 5G is. Take a look and see how vivo has “enchanted” the V23 5G this time.

V23 5G owns a dual selfie camera – this is a significant highlight compared to other brands in the same segment in the market. The 50MP main selfie camera is not to mention sharp with 50 million pixels in “high resolution” mode and 12.5MP photos in normal photography mode. Meanwhile, the 105-degree ultra-wide-angle selfie camera allows you to take carefree group photos without having to go far. Combining new features such as AI Super Sharp Portrait or Natural Portrait, it can be said that vivo V23 5G is upgraded more effectively than V23e when it has the world’s best selfie camera.

If you’re a techie, take a look at some of the details that come with the 50MP AF selfie camera to see if that’s impressive. vivo uses ISOCELL 3.0 (pixel isolation technology) to deliver sharp images in every detail as well as an AI algorithm that helps identify focal details on faces, automatically adjusting true focus. than. In particular, V23 5G is upgraded with Dual Moonlight Effect equipped with up to 4 flashes so you can personalize your mood and lighting with just one touch. Shooting day or night, V23 5G also gives you the most optimal experience.

Still surprised by the super selfie smartphone V23e, vivo pleases fans with the V23 5G selfie top of the top - Photo 2.

Not only excelling in photography mode, vivo V23 5G also offers many equally enjoyable video recording experiences. Your passion for tiktok or becoming a vlogger will be satisfied when the V23 5G’s 4K selfie video allows flexible video editing with intuitive images, focusing on every detail. No more worrying about overexposure or out-of-focus videos, the V23 5G offers even more fun ways to shoot video with multi-style portrait video or dual display video.

Talking about the selfie camera of vivo V23 5G without mentioning the rear camera is a mistake when the 3 AI cameras (8MP super wide-angle camera, main camera with 64MP super night mode, 2MP super close-up camera) bring you the best Take photo art to a whole new level with tons of new exciting modes: bokeh flare portraits, party portraits, Flash portraits…

Still surprised by the super selfie smartphone V23e, vivo pleases fans with the V23 5G selfie top of the top - Photo 3.

And yet, V23 5G is also highly appreciated by experts when it comes to possessing a trendy design, luxurious color scheme (2 colors Sunshine Yellow and Cosmic Blue). With a crystal layer along the AG Iridescent Glass technology, the V23 5G shines with a high finish and can change color at different angles of light. The Flat Edge Frame is finished with a special aluminum alloy material that offers a sleek design and is comfortable to hold. Especially in the Sunshine Gold version, the back can change color in sunlight, opening up limitless creative possibilities for Gen Z customers – who do not hesitate to show off their individuality.

Besides, vivo V23 5G still inherits the outstanding features of performance, battery capacity, extended RAM… of previous vivo product lines. Possessing such a series of outstanding features along with superior selfie capabilities upgraded to suit user tastes, vivo V23 5G promises to storm the smartphone market in the near future. See information here.


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