Notorious hacker Anonymous threatens to put Do Kwon in jail

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2022-06-28 23:43:46

The notorious anonymous hacker organization network recently posted a video criticizing the co-founder of Terraform Labs, Do Kwon.

The bad guy of “justice”: Anonymous hacker declares war Do Kwon

On the morning of June 27, Anonymous declared war on Do Kwon through a video posted on their Youtube channel. Specifically, in the video, the hacker group mentioned events related to the LUNA crash and suspicious twists in the background of founder Do Kwon.

Anonymous announced that it would go to the end of the case to find out the truth, put “director” Do Kwon in prison as soon as possible.

“Do Kwon, if you’re hearing these words, there’s unfortunately nothing you can do to ‘recover’ the mistakes you’ve made. At this point, we can only make sure he is responsible before the law and make sure he goes to prison as soon as possible,” Anonymous group sent a message to Do Kwon.

Given what Terraform Labs has done to the crypto community and market, the hacker group believes that the founder of the Terra ecosystem (LUNA) should be responsible for the multi-billion dollar scam from investors. At the same time, Anonymous also mocked Do Kwon when he repeatedly showed arrogance, criticized other projects or competitors, as if Kwon would never fail.

In the past, before the LUNA incident, during a discussion with the community, the co-founder of Terraform Labs claimed that up to 95% of cryptocurrency projects on the market will “die.” And Do Kwon said that it’s nice to see a project fail.

Anonymous also mentioned the case of “poaching” $ 2.7 billion from LUNA. The notorious hacker group claimed that Do Kwon had denied the allegation in a roundabout and unrealistic way.

Besides UST, Anonymous mentions another stablecoin project managed by Do Kwon before Terra, which is Basis Cash. Just a few months after its release, Basis Cash collapsed and many investors lost everything. However, Do Kwon did not bear any liability because he used an anonymous account with the fake name “Rick Sanchez”, Anonymous commented.

“We found that Do Kwon had a lot of secrets and that he hid them carelessly. There are many parties that have entered the investigation of Do Kwon. We will also be reviewing Do Kwon’s full history from the time he first entered the crypto market to see what we can bring to light.”

Elsewhere, the Korean government is still in the process of investigating Terraform Labs. It is known that the authorities of this country have recently summoned all the organization’s operating staff and programming team to serve the process of clarifying the case.

According to a source from JTBC, all Terraform Labs employees have been invited to the Securities and Financial Investigation Team of the Seoul Southern District Prosecutor’s Office to investigate and seize related documents. These are the people involved in the initial development of LUNA (or LUNA Classic – LUNC), UST since 2019.

After nearly two and a half years of inactivity, the financial crime investigation team “Death Yeoui-do” Korea assigned to investigate the case LUNA made a decision to ban exit and travel with people who used to work at TerraForm Labs on June 21.

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