October 20 this year, you have a full selection of luxury “banh beo” phones for your other half

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2021-10-20 01:40:27

20/10 has 4 phone options and 1 extremely “genuine” tablet option for the boys to give that person.

Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G Purple – VND 20,400,000

The Galaxy S21+ 5G is still one of the best Samsung smartphones worth buying so far.

The device has a thin and light design, powerful configuration, beautiful photography and especially the lavender purple version with a fancy and impressive shiny gold frame.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G Purple/Cream – VND 24,990,000

If you really want your other half to “surprise and turn heads”, guys try giving her a Galaxy Z Flip3 to see.

This model is not only fast and smooth, takes beautiful photos, is durable and waterproof, but also has a unique folding screen design that everyone must be “admiring”.

20/10 this year, you have a full selection of luxury

This year Samsung also reduced the price quite sharply, only from 25 million, so this is a viable option for you.

Apple iPhone 13 Pink – 21,590,000 VND

If you don’t give Samsung, of course you have to find an iPhone. This year’s iPhone 13 series has a very pretty pink color that is gentle and not dazzling.

This year, October 20, you have a full selection of luxury

Apple products, everyone knows how you like them. Simple to use, smooth and durable, about 3-4 years or more before you have to upgrade to a new life.

Apple iPhone 12 Purple – VND 19,190,000

Another iPhone “banh beo” option is the 12th generation with a beautiful purple color no less than Samsung’s.

October 20, this year, you have a full selection of luxury

Of course, buying iPhone 12 now is still completely reasonable because the configuration is still extremely good, works smoothly for at least 2-3 years, top quality cameras and the price is quite cheaper than in the old days.

Bonus: Apple iPad mini 6 Pink/Purple – VND 13,950,000

Not a phone, but iPad mini 6 is still extremely worth buying as a gift, there are 2 color options for women, pink and purple, slightly different from the color on iPhone 12/13 but still eye-catching.

October 20 this year, you have a full selection of luxury

The quality of the new iPad line is off the table, smooth and stable, more and more cool features, can be used with Apple Pencil and costs only nearly 14 million for the 64GB Wifi version.

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