Offer what fruits on the full moon day of January for the whole year of luck and peace

Offer what fruits on the full moon day of January for the whole year of luck and peace

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2021-04-27 00:17:38

January 15 of the lunar calendar is considered the most important full moon day of January of the year. In this day, families often make offerings with incense, flowers and fruits to the gods and ancestors, hoping for good things to come. So, on the full moon day of January, what fruits and flowers should we worship?

Which fruits should choose to worship the full moon in January

According to old beliefs, on the full moon day of January when choosing the fruit, the fruit is displayed on the altar, so the five fruits in 5 colors represent the five elements (Kim – white, Moc – blue, Thuy – black, Fire – red, Earth – yellow) or five blessings (rich, luxurious, long-lived, healthy, peaceful).

Here are some fruits with good meaning, invite you to consult to choose to offer to gods and ancestors on the full moon day of January:

Apple: This fruit is not only round, well-proportioned, beautifully colored, but also symbolizes peace and harmony. Especially the red apple, the color of luck, is considered to symbolize goodness.

Pineapple: The word “pineapple” in Chinese sounds like “luck comes your way”, so this is also the fruit you can choose to make offerings to your ancestors.

Orange: According to feng shui, oranges are considered the fruit of luck and success. In addition, the orange also has eye-catching colors, balanced shape, and pleasant aroma, so many people choose to put it on the altar to worship ancestors and gods.

Banana: Bananas in feng shui mean “attract”, get lucky so they are often used in rituals.

Mango: Symbolizes the wish for a prosperous life.

Note: Some fruits and fruits should not be chosen for flavoring such as fake fruit, overripe fruit or strong scent fruit like durian, jackfruit …

The flowers should be used for worshiping in the full moon day of January

One of the indispensable offerings on the altar of the full moon in January is fresh flowers. Some types of flowers homeowners can choose include lilies, dandelions, lilies, lilies, chrysanthemums (do not use chrysanthemums to burn Buddha or holy incense) …


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