Offering hundreds of millions of dong incentives, Honda HR-V has a rolling price that makes Toyota Corolla Cross ‘suffocated’

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2021-11-10 08:12:28

Customers who buy Honda HR-V from November 5 to November 30, 2021 will enjoy a 100% discount on registration fee. This program is applicable to all agents nationwide.

Honda HR-V – rival of Toyota Corolla Cross and Kia Seltos is enjoying a huge offer

Currently, the Honda HR-V model being distributed in Vietnam market has 2 versions G and L with the listed prices of VND 786 and VND 866 million, respectively. With an attractive promotion program in November, customers in Ho Chi Minh City will save from 78.9 to 86.6 million VND when buying Honda HR-V, while customers in Hanoi area even save more, from 94.32 to 103.92 million.

The big incentive program that Honda Vietnam offers to Honda HR-V is aimed at helping this SUV model increase its competitiveness with domestic assembled competitors in the same segment such as Toyota Corolla Cross, Kia Seltó, Ford EcoSport. or Hyundai Kona.

In addition, this strong discount may also be for the purpose of clearing warehouses and preparing to welcome the new generation Honda HR-V to be launched in the near future. Based on taxes and fees that customers have to pay to roll the Honda HR-V, Techz has calculated the rolling price of this urban SUV model in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. In other localities, the rolling price of HR-V will be lower.

Honda HR-V rolling price in November 2021

Unit: Million VND

Version Listed price Price after offer Rolling price
At Hanoi In City. Ho Chi Minh City At Hanoi In Ho Chi Minh City
Honda HR-V WOOD 786 691.68 707.4 808.38
Honda HR-V ERROR 866 762.08 779.4 888.38


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