On hand ‘smartphone Emperor’ Samsung W22 5G with unique design in the world

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2021-11-10 08:11:24

Samsung W22 was introduced in China in mid-October. Despite the strange sounding name, it is actually the Galaxy Z Fold 3 version dedicated to the world’s most populous country.

Because it is a separate version, this smartphone also has many differences compared to the Galax Z Fold3. The phone is a collaboration with China Telecom, Samsung has created a premium version of the higher-end Z Fold3 with 16GB + 256GB.

The difference can be seen right from the box. It’s a black box with square Chinese characters in brilliant yellow metal with 4 characters meaning “Heart for the world” alluding to the speciality of this extremely high-end smartphone.

When in hand, this smartphone proves to be extremely special with its brilliant metallic gold folding hinge.

On the back is the seal logo of the W22 product line, also with the characteristic metallic gold color. It feels like this smartphone is like a version of the court service for the emperor in a Chinese movie.

The back of the device is still the same triple-lens camera cluster as the Galaxy Z Fold3.

The front camera hidden under the screen of the device is similar to what the market already knows about the Galaxy Z Fold3.

Notably, the back of the Galaxy W22 is made of a special ceramic material that feels more luxurious than the original version.

The Galaxy W22 also comes with Samsung’s S-Pen and comes with a special case to hold the pen.

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy W22 is really a more advanced version of the Galaxy Z Fold3 at least in terms of looks. Of course, this also makes it quite expensive up to 16,999 CNY equivalent to nearly 60 million, quite expensive compared to the international version.


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