OneDrive can now be installed as a PWA

OneDrive can now be installed as a PWA

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2021-09-20 03:46:22

Microsoft’s OneDrive web app can now be installed as a Progressive Web App (PWA) with Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and other web browsers.

Installing the web version of OneDrive as a PWA allows users to open OneDrive in a separate window without having to stick to the browser’s user interface, while providing a native app-like experience. actually on PC.

Earlier this year, Microsoft announced that the company was building plans to turn OneDrive into a PWA. In it, both consumer and enterprise versions of this cloud storage service can be installed as a PWA, for a better experience.

Installing OneDrive as a PWA in Microsoft Edge is also not complicated. Users just need to click on the download icon in the upper right corner of the address bar. A message will appear asking to confirm the operation, Click “Install App” and the corresponding application will be automatically installed.

If you do not know, Progressive Web App, or PWA, also known as “progressive web application”, offers an experience with features:

  • Reliable: Loads instantly and never shows Internet connection loss (downasaur), even in intermittent network conditions.
  • Fast: Fast response to user interactions, smooth effects, and no flickering.
  • More attractive: The PWA app works exactly like the native app on the device, but with a better user experience that makes it more engaging.

While installing OneDrive as a PWA won’t bring any extra features, it will make for a more convenient experience. For example, Windows users can pin this application to the Taskbar as well as the Start menu for quick access when needed. In addition, the OneDrive PWA app can be set up to launch automatically as soon as the PC is turned on.

Windows 10 PCs still come with the built-in OneDrive sync client, which provides access to OneDrive files in File Explorer. In addition, there is also a separate OneDrive app in the Microsoft Store that provides the same functionality as the PWA.


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