OnePlus Nord 2 suddenly exploded in the user’s pocket

OnePlus Nord 2 suddenly exploded in the user’s pocket


2021-08-02 11:15:06

(CHK) A person named Ankur sharma posted on Twitter complaining that his wife’s new OnePlus Nord 2 phone suddenly exploded in her pocket while she was cycling, the owner had an accident.

Recently, a Twitter account named Ankur Sharma from Bengaluru shared on social networks the incident that his wife’s new Nord 2 phone suddenly exploded in her pocket. And his wife is the victim of this incident. Ankur Sharma shared:

“This morning, around 6am IST, my wife was cycling with her new OnePlus Nord 2 (5 days old) on her sling. Suddenly, the phone exploded and smoke started coming out of it. Due to this explosion, she had an accident. She is traumatized following this incident.”

It seems that OnePlus has read this information and said that they will investigate the matter:

“Hello Ankur. We are happy to hear about your experience. We care deeply and want to solve that problem for you. We ask you to connect with us via direct message so we can fix and change this for you.” – OnePlus answered Ankur.

Mr. Sharma seemed pleased with their response, he later removed the post, but another user quickly took a screenshot as shown below. The picture of the damaged phone looks suspiciously like all the phone accidents caused by thermal batteries like the previous Note 7 case and many other phone explosions.

The victim’s husband said that they posted about the incident to raise awareness and gain insight into it: “The whole intention of my post was to understand why it happened, so that if there are any areas that need improvement, it can be done to avoid other problems and OnePlus has admitted. this that they will work to find the RCA and have started testing.”

Looking at the image shared by Ankur Sharma, it can be seen that the case of the phone was completely burned along with the frame and front in the explosion. Looking at the picture we can tell that the explosion must be huge. The Lithium-Ion protective pouch is visible at the back, which looks very intimidating. However, that does not mean that all OnePlus Nord 2s are capable of self-explosion. Currently, OnePlus is still coordinating the investigation and understanding the cause of this explosion.



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