Only 4 days left to take advantage of Xiaomi week at Viettel Store

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2022-05-16 20:32:25

(CHK) Always likened to “Delicious and Cheap”, products from the Xiaomi ecosystem are always interested by many customers and have record sales at Viettel Store. During this customer gratitude week, Xiaomi products are being reduced by up to 2.5 million VND after applying incentives.

In order to meet the strong shopping demand after the peak of the epidemic, the price reduction of up to 2.5 million VND is said to be a very deep reduction compared to the selling price of Xiaomi products on the market.

Realizing that Xiaomi’s products are suitable for a large number of mid-range customers and this brand has long been popular with customers because of the criteria of Delicious and Cheap, Viettel Store has launched the program “Xiaomi Week – Full of advantages”. offers – Up to 2.5 million VND” to serve most customers who love household products but have easy-to-own prices.

According to a representative of Viettel Store, in the past, the number of customers interested in Xiaomi household products was always high, the segment from 2 to 10 million VND was most interested by customers. Also according to a representative of Viettel Store, all Xiaomi products distributed by Viettel Store are genuine Xiaomi Vietnam products, 100% new and under genuine warranty and apply the 1-for-1 policy in the first period of purchase. products, depending on the characteristics of the product lines.

The best-selling and customer-interested products are mentioned as Xiaomi Mi Smart Air Fryer (3.5L) oil-free fryer, priced at only VND 1,590,000 with incentives; Xiaomi Mi Vaccum Cleaner Light handheld vacuum cleaner priced at only 2,390,000d with incentives; Air purifier XM Smart Air AP4 only 4,190.00 VND with promotion; Smart Air AP4Lite air purifier only 3,150,000 VND with promotion. Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale 2 is only VND 265,000 with incentives. In addition, the Robot Vacuum Cleaner XM Mop2 Lite; Robot Vacuum Cleaner Xiaomi Mop2 Pro; Xiaomi Mi Vacuum-Mop robot vacuum cleaner, Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale 2 all have special discounts during Xiaomi week.

For most products, customers can apply the payment method via VNPAY-QR, which is applied to many product lines to increase incentives and meet the criteria of cashless shopping that brings value. practical for all customers.

Interested customers can buy right here or call toll free 1800.8123 for more information.

Minh Khue

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