Only four countries produce the ball on the tip of a ballpoint pen, and the material that makes them is twice as hard as steel

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2021-04-07 11:29:44

The ballpoint pen is an item that is very familiar to most people in the world. However, you may not know, there are only four countries in the world that produce iron ball at the pen tip that allows the ink to be evenly drawn out in each stroke.

Countries that produce ball-point balls

Producing a spinning iron ball that can comfortably write over long periods of time requires sophisticated metallurgical techniques and machinery. And so far, only four countries in the world can produce marbles at the tip of the pen, including Switzerland, Germany, Japan and recently China in 2017.

The key to making the marbles is not the way it is made but the material – Tungsten carbide, which is twice as hard as steel. Tungsten carbide or tungsten carbide is a chemical compound that contains tungsten and carbon atoms.

Stainless steel, copper, and a few other alloys have been used to produce ballpoint pens, but only Tungsten-carbide is good enough for long-term use.

Ballpoint pen is usually 1mm in size and placed inside a holder made of copper, or stainless steel attached to a plastic tube containing ink. It is necessary to use a complex technique to smooth the top of the container so that the ball can move gently, the ink evenly. In the world today, only Japan is able to produce 0.5mm marbles.

The history of the ballpoint pen

In 1888, John J. Loud registered for the invention of the first ballpoint pen in the United States, but unfortunately it was not put into commercial production.

In 1931, the Hungarian brothers Laszlo Biro and Gyorgy successfully produced ballpoint pens. Then, they and a friend, Juan Jorge Meyne, opened a factory in Argentina. Their ballpoint pen sold in Argentina is called Birome, in the UK it is called “Biro” for pilots.

After World War II, Milton Reynolds produced a new model of the ballpoint pen in the United States called the “Reynolds Rocket”, an evolution of the Biro.


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