Only1 (LIKE) launches Web3 xMS messaging platform

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2022-08-14 14:19:46

Only1 officially launched a messaging service for all Web3 users under a partnership with Bonfida and Notifi Network.

Only1 (LIKE) launches Web3 xMS messaging platform

Messenger is one of the most used application categories. There are over 700 million active users on Telegram and 150 million on Discord. Each messenger dominates a niche, if gamers usually prefer Discord, Signal is the playground of those who like encryption. xMS is a cross-messaging service and messenger for all Web3 users, powered by Only1, Bonfida and Notifi Network.

Unlike other messengers, xMS is an open source framework that easily integrates for free into any application. xMS towards a multi-chain future where users can communicate between applications and the ecosystem.

The platform includes the following features:

  • Wallet-to-wallet messaging off-chain;
  • On-chain messaging;
  • Cross-chain capabilities (Getting started with Solana and Ethereum);
  • End-to-end message encryption;
  • Notify;
  • SNS integration;
  • Teams and channels with token portal options;
  • Badges and user profiles.

Try out the platform here:

Only1 (LIKE) launches Web3 xMS communication platform

In addition, creators can earn money by launching NFT memberpass and posting exclusive content on here. Along with Bonfida and Notifi Network, xMS will be integrated with other apps for seamless communication.

About Only1

Only1 is the first NFT social networking platform built on Solana. Combination of social media, NFT marketplace, scalable blockchain and LIKE token. Only1 offers fans a unique way to connect with the creators they love.

Learn more about Only1: Twitter | Medium | Website | Telegram | Discord

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