Open for sale in less than 8 hours, MG4 2023 has received more than 1,500 orders

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2022-11-21 08:57:47

(CHK) Although it has only been on sale for less than 8 hours, the MG4 2023 has proven its attraction when it has received more than 1,500 orders.

Following the domestic market, recently, MG4 2023 also moved to enter the Thai market and received many positive feedbacks from consumers. Although the price has not been announced, the MG4 2023 has collected 1,598 orders after less than 8 hours of opening. This is an achievement that any car model expects when entering the Thai market.

MG4 2023 is an electric car in the C-sized hatchback segment and is sold with a starting price of VND 454 million in the Chinese market. MG4 2023 also appeared at the Vietnam auto show VMS 2022 and is rumored to launch Vietnamese customers in the near future.

The MG4 2023 is developed on the basis of the Nebula Pure Electric Platform platform with detailed dimensions of length x width x height of 4,287 x 1,836 x 1,504 mm respectively and a wheelbase of 2,705 mm. The MG4 2023 has a modern design language with a “trendy” exterior and is considered suitable for many users. The appearance of MG4 2023 also received high appreciation from Vietnamese guests.

Not only scoring with impressive exterior, MG4 2023 is also expected to easily conquer users with a series of modern equipment and features inside the cabin. The electric car model MG4 2023 is equipped with a 7-inch digital instrument cluster, a floating central touch screen that supports Apple CarPlay / Android Auto connectivity, USB charging port, smartphone charger, control system. Automatic air conditioner with built-in PM2.5 fine dust filter.

The list of safety features on the MG4 2023 can be mentioned as adaptive cruise control system, 360-degree camera, cross-traffic alert when reversing, tire pressure warning, brake control when cornering, lane departure warning system, 360-degree camera, forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking, etc.

In the Chinese market, the MG4 2023 has 2 battery pack options, including the Standard Range package and the Long Range package with a maximum capacity of 170 hp/250 Nm and 203 hp/250 Nm, respectively. The MG4 2023 has a maximum range of up to 452 km after a full charge. It is likely that the MG4 2023 version for the Thai market will also use these 2 battery pack options.

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