Open the box, evaluate in hand realme GT2 Pro: Super ‘cheap’ product for young users

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2022-01-13 22:51:06

High-end smartphones always meet all user needs the best, so they always have a high price. However, realme approaches this segment with the most powerful hardware models in terms of performance, with some elements cut to reduce costs for young users. The latest such product is the realme GT2 Pro.

At a starting price of 3699 yuan, equivalent to 13.1 million dong, realme GT2 Pro owns the most powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip available today to serve high performance requirements such as gaming or high-resolution video editing.

It also comes with a minimum of 8GB RAM and up to 12GB in more expensive versions combined with internal memory from 128 – 512GB providing optimal processing for any application. The included battery of GT2 Pro has a capacity of 5000 mAh. Let’s open the box and quickly evaluate the feeling in the hand of realme GT2 Pro.

realme GT2 Pro is placed in a white box with a dynamic and youthful design just like the spirit that this manufacturer always aims for.

Inside, users will have a full range of accessories, the most important being a 65W fast charger. In the last 2 years, major smartphone manufacturers often remove chargers from their flagships, but realme does not and this is more beneficial for users.

The realme GT2 Pro protagonist was designed by industrial design expert Naoto Fukasawa so users can see his signature on the right corner of the back.

The back of realme GT2 Pro is inspired by Paper Tech Master Design inspired by stacked layers of paper based on bio-polymer material for a simple but modern and youthful feel and appearance.

The three-lens camera cluster is balanced in a floating module that synchronizes with the elegance and modernity available on the back.

In particular, the two largest lenses placed in parallel have a resolution of 50MP. One is a wide-angle lens that serves as a versatile primary shot while the other is an ultra-wide lens with a 150-degree field of view. The other is an extremely toxic microscope lens with the ability to magnify objects 40 times.

The body is designed to be curved on both sides for a more comfortable grip. The system of volume up and down buttons and the power button are divided and arranged separately on both sides of the body instead of being placed in the same position as other smartphone models.

The top of the device is completely empty and has only a recording mic hole while the bottom is a SIM slot, a USB-C charging port with an external speaker.

The screen of realme GT2 Pro is 6.7 inch LPTO AMOLED; 2K resolution of 3,216 x 1,440 pixels, 120Hz refresh rate and up to 1,400 nits brightness. It is curved to give it a more spacious feel.

The front camera of realme GT2 Pro is located in the left-skewed punch hole and is neat enough to bring a pleasant feeling on the screen. The screen edges are also thin to the maximum, including the chin and top edges.

Overall, with what realme GT2 Pro is, it is really a formidable ‘switch’ in the high-end smartphone segment. With a thorough focus on performance in a youthful, modern design at an unbelievable price, realme GT2 Pro is truly the boldest and most powerful smartphone to welcome the new year 2022.


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