Open the Nokia X30 box, the price of Galaxy Z Fold 4 is on par with iPhone 13 Pro Max

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2022-11-23 03:03:48

Update hot technology news at noon on November 21: The most worth buying iPads in November; The world’s first folding screen iPhone; Unboxing, discover Nokia X30; The price of iPhone 13 Pro Max dropped dramatically to 13 million; Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 dropped sharply in price.

These are Apple’s most worth buying iPads in November 2022

Recently, Apple has officially announced the new low-cost iPad Pro M2 and iPad Gen 10. Apple’s new iPad duo, although there are many new things, still have a high price and are not worth buying at this time. If you are in need of a tablet, here are the best options that Apple can bring according to the “delicious – nutritious – cheap” criteria.

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Chinese magicians ‘magic’ to create the world’s first folding screen iPhone

While Apple is still struggling to develop the first folding screen prototypes. Then a group of engineers from China built a folding screen iPhone with Motorola Razr hinge and iPhone X components. Currently, the process of making iPhone X into the first folding screen iPhone has been posted. on the YouTube channel Scientific and Technological Aesthetics.

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Open the box, discover Nokia X30: Recycle box, SIM stick, USB-C cap

The Ice White Nokia X30 comes in a recycling box with the user manual, SIM stick and USB-C cable included. However, Nokia does not provide a charger in the box, so you will have to buy the charger separately if you do not own a compatible charger.

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The price of iPhone 13 Pro Max dropped to the floor by 13 million compared to when it was launched

The common psychology of Vietnamese users is to wait for the iPhone 14 Series to come out to buy an iPhone 13 Series for “cheap”. Grasping that demand, many big dealers have launched huge discounts for the iPhone 13 series, especially the iPhone 13 Pro Max, which is most interested by Vietnamese customers.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 dropped sharply, only equal to iPhone 13 Pro Max

In the face of the situation of “serious rival” iPhone 14 Pro Max continuously sold out in the Vietnamese market, Galaxy Z Fold 4 was launched with many attractive incentives, the price reduced to the same level as the iPhone 13 Pro Max in order to “knock down” the representative of the Apple house.

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