Opening of the world’s first GPU history museum

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2021-06-11 19:16:48

Today, the world’s first GPU history museum, built by COLORFUL in partnership with Nvidia, was opened. According to AIB, the museum is located in the New Industrial Park in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, China.

A corner of the world’s first GPU museum.

With the museum’s interior design, the graphics cards arranged by year stand out, capturing the attention of visitors at first sight. According to COLORFUL, the graphics cards are in fact arranged backwards to the previous 3Dfx Voodoo cards.

The museum exhibits clearly show the development of the GeFore graphics card and its rival, AMD. For instance, there’s a large collection of rare GPU models here, including AMD’s Rage Fury MAXX (formerly ATI), the company’s first dual-GPU solution to include a pair of Rage 128 PRO chips.

In addition, the museum’s construction also shows respect for COLORFUL’s efforts to promote eSports in China when it launched the iGame brand in 2008. This is the time to launch the GPU 200 series based on Nvidia Tesla architecture and AMD’s HD 4000 series.

However, everything in this museum is not old, as there is also an area that offers the ultimate immersive gaming experience with the support of today’s most advanced GPUs for visitors. There are two types of game booths here: multi-screen 8K racing setups and VR cockpits for gamers who want to experience virtual reality.

Nowadays, with GPUs becoming so rare, the idea of ​​opening a history museum is cool and exciting because it seems that we will only be able to find graphics cards in museums like that. this.


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