OPPO Air Glass was honored as a Potential Product of 2022

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2022-01-08 16:30:15

More specifically, at the Tech Expo technology exhibition taking place on January 7 and 8, 2021, OPPO Air Glass was first displayed and experienced with the press, Ofans, and technology-loving users at Vietnam.

OPPO Air Glass was honored with Potential Product 2022 at the Innovative Technology Product Awards – Tech Awards 2021

The Innovative Technology Product Award is given to products and solutions that are new, have innovative elements, are unique in terms of technology, features or design that are ahead of future usage trends. The award marks the recognition and expectation of experts and users for OPPO’s new development in the field of aR (assisted Reality). Now besides being a leading smartphone manufacturer, OPPO is also known as a global smart device brand, with promoting research and development in various fields such as OPPO Air Glass. , 5G consumer electronics and a host of other technologies and products.

OPPO Air Glass was first displayed and experienced at Tech Expo within the framework of the Tech Awards 2021.

OPPO Air Glass brings pioneering values ​​in technology and promises to bring the best user experience and support. OPPO Vietnam Product Director, Mr. Van Ba ​​Lut shared: “OPPO has been exploring the great potential of Augmented Reality for a long time. Finally, we have brought an Air Glass smart glasses that are more accessible and serviceable to users. Starting from the idea of ​​looking to the future, pursuing the philosophy of “Technology for people – Kindness for the world”, OPPO Air Glass is designed to revolutionize the way users view and use information, with a beautiful display. Easy-to-use image, showing the key messages we need right in front of our eyes. With OPPO Air Glass, the world will become more alive and exciting.”

First introduced at the OPPO INNO DAY 2021 global technology event on December 15, 2021, the breakthrough aR (assisted Reality) OPPO Air Glass device is equipped with a Micro Projector made by OPPO. self-developed, advanced Micro LED and own diffraction optical waveguide display. With the pioneering thin and light cicada wing design, the product supports four different user interactions to quickly access useful applications such as Weather, Calendar, Health, Translation, Navigation and Teleprompter (Speech prompter), which adjusts to display text such as speeches or notes during a presentation or in a meeting.

OPPO Air Glass is OPPO’s first augmented reality glass product that is commercially available in a number of markets, providing users with the most practical, convenient and useful user experience.


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