OPPO won 12 awards at the CVPR 2021 event with a series of strides in the field of Artificial Intelligence

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2021-06-28 09:54:35

At the Computer Vision and Image Recognition Conference (CVPR) 2021 event, OPPO was recognized with achievements in 12 different competitions in 7 key areas. These awards include one first, seven second and four third prizes, demonstrating the company’s leading technological prowess and innovative breakthroughs in the field of artificial intelligence.

Eric Guo, Head of Intelligent Perception at OPPO, said: “We are delighted to have once again achieved such impressive results in this year’s CVPR challenges, following on from our first attempt at CVPR 2020. won the top spot in the Perceptual Extreme Super-Resolution challenge by turning a blurry image into maximum sharpness; and the Visual Localization for Handheld Devices challenge for more accurate unified positioning. The challenges that OPPO won this year are Multi-Agent Behavior, AVA-Kinetics, and 3D Facial Reconstruction from Multiple 2D Images, which cover the following challenges. more complex and advanced areas in computer vision, such as behavior detection, locating human actions in space and time, and face recognition.”

Guo adds: “These technologies can be applied in different scenarios such as in home, office, manufacturing, photography, health and mobility. At OPPO, we are committed to developing artificial intelligence to better serve people, providing users with smarter and more convenient experiences.”

The awards that OPPO has just won are playing an essential role in its factories, where algorithms help workers reduce operational errors, especially in critical production steps, not only ensure for their own safety, but also for the quality of the finished product.

Multi-Agent Behavioral Challenge.

Besides, OPPO has been building its capacity to focus on people. OPPO’s technology overcomes problems related to unclear facial features, exaggerated expressions, or even image data corrupted by real-life movement, especially in dynamic video, to create produce a more accurate 3D face model.

3D face reconstruction from multiple 2D images.

OPPO’s self-developed facial recognition algorithm can identify 635 key feature points at a rate of 30 times per second. This algorithmic structure is used to build and develop the beauty feature on video on the upcoming Reno6 smartphone. This feature allows users to easily create dynamic natural beauty effects in their videos. This technology will accelerate the development of portrait video technology, with 3D recognition making beauty effects and filters more natural and personalized. It will also enable richer and more realistic AR filters across social platforms, allowing users to experience cutting-edge technology in every everyday moment.

SoccerNet Challenge

Over the years, OPPO has continuously invested in AI technology and Data technology. OPPO’s AI and Data engineering systems provide better services to users and developers alike, through the discovery and development of core technologies such as conversational AI, machine learning, personalized recommendation algorithms, cloud data services, and security and privacy. During the participation in LF AI & Data organization, OPPO’s experienced technology engineers Liam Zheng and Dr. Jia Jimin will respectively represent the management board and the representative of the technical advisory board, respectively. Work closely with other members of LF AI & Data to find the best applications of open source tools in the manufacturing sector.

OPPO always values ​​openness, cooperation and innovation, thereby bringing more advanced technologies to people. In June 2020, OPPO became the first platinum member of OpenChain – a sponsored project of the Linux Foundation – which aims to build a global open source ecosystem by becoming one of the leading companies in the world. developed ISO standards for open source. During the OPPO ODC 2020 event in October, the ColorOS operating system opened source seven system-level tools to programmers and partners, in the hope of creating an open and collaborative ecosystem, through which further improve the user experience.

With the goal of building its own ecosystem, OPPO is striving to find an open and integrated ecosystem to not only benefit each individual but also improve everyone’s quality of life. Brand new smart experience. In the future, OPPO will continue to engage more deeply with the global open source community for sustainable development and application of a wide range of advanced technologies.

At this year’s CVPR, OPPO also created a new milestone in more advanced academic challenges thử. With OPPO, technology not only enhances life but also brings the world closer together. Besides that, OPPO and senior members of the organization are taking steps to make AI and Data technologies accessible to more people, while building a healthy, fair and sustainable AI ecosystem.


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