Ordered a smartphone for 2.7 million but received 2 bottles of facial cleanser, the buyer cried because of a sophisticated scam

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2021-11-03 07:46:26

Recently, a Facebook account named BA recounted his very bad experience buying a phone online. This friend was blatantly scammed, obviously ordering a phone worth more than 2.7 million VND, but when he opened the package, there were 2 bottles of facial cleanser inside.

BA writes specifically his case: “I placed an order for a Vsmart phone worth 2.7 million VND. This morning the shipper shipped, I subjectively thought that I received the goods as usual, so I let my father come out to receive the goods. Then, I went in and opened the goods. shocked because inside are 2 bottles of facial cleanser!!! When I checked on the app, the shop was still waiting for delivery, probably hung the order there waiting for the app to automatically cancel the order when the delivery time was over, otherwise create an order Sending goods through a shipping company with the same interface on the app! It’s not been long since the pandemic season, but I have been scammed by nearly 3 million. What should I do now.”

Due to not monitoring the status of orders regularly, BA was scammed by the shop and lost 2.7 million and fell into a situation of not knowing what to do.

Ordered a smartphone for 2.7 million but received 2 bottles of facial cleanser, the buyer cried because of a sophisticated scam - Photo 2.

In fact, the shop has not yet delivered the goods to the shipping unit.

Under BA’s post, many netizens left comments:

– I have the same problem but the order value is smaller. Order a Pro Max phone case for 150k. The outside says Pro Max, but when you open it, the iPhone 5 case is animated like garbage. I think it’s the shop itself.

– Buy some miscellaneous things under 1 million, you can still buy it online, but it’s too much money to go to the store to buy it. If you have any problems, you can still ask, but buying online many shops bring children to the market.

– Last year I had the same problem, he put the fish sauce bottle in it to make it worse. The order value is small, about 200k, so the app will refund me.

– If the other two bottles are auth, it’s the same as the Vsmart, so you should try to negotiate with the shop.

– I also had the same problem, at that time I bought a Note 20 Ultra. Fortunately, the shipper reminded him, he said many people have been scammed like that and there is no other Note 20 Ultra as cheap as I can order.

This case is a lesson for everyone who intends to place high-value orders online. You should choose genuine stores to buy and especially closely monitor the status of your order. In addition, if you find that you have been cheated, please quickly complain to the app for support to resolve as soon as possible.

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