Our car is not for that

Our car is not for that

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2021-07-30 08:36:34

Germany and several European countries have suffered catastrophic flooding over the past few weeks. The death toll is up to hundreds of people, the damage is expected to be billions of dollars.

This is the scene where YouTuber Misha Charoudin was loaned an Audi RS6 for 2 weeks. The car was delivered a few days before the disaster. When the flood came, Charoudin’s personal car was destroyed, so he decided to use the RS6 to help local flood victims.

What was supposed to be fun on the Nurburgring or the Autobahn as regular car reviews turned into trips down muddy roads, providing essentials to flood-ravaged areas.

Misha Charoudin took the Audi RS6 to flood relief and received reprimands from Audi’s media representatives.

At least one Audi representative, seeing their car used in this way, expressed displeasure.

According to Charoudin, he received an email from Audi, saying that he was using the RS6 for “non-test vehicle purposes”. They say he should do more conventional tests instead, such as races on Germany’s famous unlimited-speed highways or circling the car, commenting on the feature. this, that equipment.

Charoudin said at the end of the email, an Audi representative also reminded that it is better for the car to be undamaged when returned to the manufacturer.

What happened next was a media nightmare for Audi on social media. In the face of the devastation in many parts of Germany, Audi appeared to be more concerned with lending the car than with the needs of the people. Criticism appeared densely on YouTube, Instagram and Reddit.

Then another YouTuber, Robert Mitchell, shared some of the voices of Audi employees. “Hi Robert, I hope you know that the communications department is just a part of the company. I work for Audi Sport and we commend the actions of Charoudin and his associates. We also take its own actions to support the people,” one Audi employee wrote.

Bringing a borrowed RS6 to flood relief, YouTuber was rebuked by Audi: Our car is not for that - Photo 2.

Additional posts by Mitchell show that the car Charoudin borrowed has been returned to Audi and that it is “spotlessly beautiful”.

“I am delighted that Audi as a company has been proactive in helping those affected financially by the floods. I am also grateful that I was able to experience the car during the loan period and helping those in need,” Charoudin told The Drive.

Charoudin also says that just because an Audi communications officer doesn’t see the problem doesn’t mean the company as a whole does. “Most of the Audi staff are happy with what I’ve done with the car. In the past 24 hours, I’ve received many compliments from Audi staff internationally. I will continue to do the same,” he said. further.

Currently, Audi has not made an official response to this incident.

Ironically, one firm’s crisis is another’s opportunity. In another video posted by Charoudin, Ford Germany – based in nearby Cologne – has supported 3 Transits for 3 months for him to carry out flood-affected people’s work. In fact, the company representative said they have provided about 50 vehicles to people who need them in the area. “Use them. Don’t worry about what condition they will be returned,” the Ford representative said.

According to The Drive, Audi clearly made a mistake in the RS6’s situation. However, they are also taking the necessary steps to provide relief to the flooded area. According to Motor1, the company is asking employees to donate money to help victims of the disaster.

Reference: The Drive


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