Overview of the project Dotmoovs (MOOV coin)

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2022-04-27 07:02:31


As the Move-to-Earn StepN project boomed recently, similar projects began to attract the attention of investors in the cryptocurrency market. With a way of applying life to the blockchain world and making money from it, the Dotmoovs project was born with a unique combination of bringing traditional sports to the blockchain.

So what is the Dotmoovs project? Let’s find out with CHK through the following article!

Overview of the Dotmoovs . project

What is Project Dotmoovs?

Dotmoovs is the first mobile peer-to-peer competition platform built on blockchain and uses state-of-the-art AI to analyze videos of players performing sports challenges .

Thereby, users can compete (challenge) with other players around the world just by having the skills of that sport, ambition and smartphone to take on challenges. sports against other players and the Dotmoovs will do the rest with AI-based referees to evaluate their performance making a final decision on the winner.

Special features of the Dotmoovs . project

Dotmoovs Marketplace

This is a place that allows players to trade NFT items or sports equipment including balls, shoes, … with other players around the world. Players will have to use MOOV tokens to pay for most of the items and features on this Marketplace.

Dotmoovs Marketplace
Dotmoovs Marketplace

Rent and lease NFT dotmoovs

For the Dotmoovs Marketplace, players can buy – sell and rent – ​​available NFTs. Upon purchase, players can purchase immediately or use the “Auction” method in the form of auction they want with any available NFT.

After having their own NFT, a player can decide to rent it to other players by including it in the Renting section of the Marketplace.

This means that other players who don’t want the hassle or extra money to buy an NFT, can simply choose one of the available NFTs to rent and start taking on challenges on Dotmoovs.

Freestyle football

User can learn from the best and compete with other players by juggling his ball in many ways. Use your left foot, right foot, head, knee, etc. to achieve a high score, you must have practiced a lot.

Freestyle football
Freestyle football

In addition, users can also take part in some challenges with football players including Ricardo Quaresma – Portuguese footballer who plays as a winger, Quaresma has won 80 caps and played at three European Championships including winning Euro 2016 – partnered with Dotmoovs by paying the corresponding number of MOOV tokens.

Soccer freestyle dotmoovs
Soccer freestyle dotmoovs


This is probably a pretty calorie-burning feature and is also interesting to some other Dancers, they can come through here to meet, practice, challenge with those Dances so they can exchange and hone their experiences. more, in addition to being rewarded with MOOV tokens and even NFT items for completing challenges.

Dance dotmoovs
Dance dotmoovs

Basic information about the Dotmoovs . project MOOV token

Token MOOV Key Metrics

  • Token Name: Dotmoovs
  • Ticker: MOOV
  • Blockchain: Ethereum
  • Contract: 0x24ec2ca132abf8f6f8a6e24a1b97943e31f256a7
  • Standard Tokens: ERC-20
  • Token Type: Utility
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 MOOV

Token MOOV Allocation

MOOV tokens have a total supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens and are distributed as follows:

  • Ecosystem: 24%
  • Liquidity Funds: 24%
  • Private/Public: 32%
  • Team: ten%
  • Foundational: ten%
Token MOOV Allocation
Token MOOV Allocation

Token MOOV Release Schedule

  • Public sale: 100% at TGE
  • Private sale: 20% at TGE, then open 20% every 2 months
  • Teams & Advisors: Locked for 1 year, then 25% unlocked every Quarter
  • Liquidity Fund: 20% at TGE, 10% per month for 8 months
  • Ecosystem: 20% at TGE, 10% per month for 8 months
  • Foundational Reserve: Locked for 1 year, then 25% unlocked every Quarter

Token MOOV Use Case

MOOV is a utility token that gives users access to sports challenges. Users can collect MOOV and NFT tokens simply by participating in challenges on the platform, increasing their ranking position, or completing milestones.

Users can spend spending using MOOV tokens through the following activities:

  • Staking MOOV tokens or providing liquidity to receive rewards
  • Buy NFT items, practice with your favorite sports superstars
  • Join tournaments, challenge bets – tournaments
  • Enable participating clubs, brands, event organizers to organize events customizing their challenges, prizes and fees

Where to buy, sell and store Token MOOV

Development roadmap of the Dotmoovs . project

The main development team of the Dotmoovs . project

Investors / Backers of the Dotmoovs . project

Evaluation of the Dotmoovs project, should the project invest in the MOOV token or not?

Present project Dotmoovs There are products on IOS or CH Play for you to experience. General, project Dotmoovs is a finished project and connects people in the field of sports together to create a healthy and attractive playground when they can both Play and Earn. However, this is a new aspect similar to GameFi, so you need to consider before joining the project.

This article is not an investment advice, you should consider carefully before making decisions when using your money. CHK is not responsible for any of your investment decisions. Wish you success and make a lot of profit from this potential market.

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