Owning Saint Giong NFT of Ancient8: Recruiting for Generals – Community Orientation

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2022-01-23 15:06:26

January 19, 2022 marked an important milestone for Ancient8 development team, when the project successfully raised a Seed Round investment of up to 4 million USD from reputable Blockchain Investment Funds. . This great achievement would not have been possible without the unrelenting and enthusiastic support from Ancient8 Army, so the project would like to thank everyone for always being with us. projects throughout the past time!

And to continue affirming its long-term commitment as well as bringing sustainable values ​​to the community, Ancient8 will promote the first efforts in consolidating troops & recruiting the most enthusiastic soldiers. , through the implementation of Operation Whitelist to Own Saint Giong NFT exclusively from Ancient8. Each Saint Giong NFT is a separate military rank that the project wishes to give to the most elite soldiers in the Ancient8 Army, representing the unique values ​​and special benefits they will receive when they join the army. long-term bundle together with Ancient8.

In Ancient8’s “Community-Oriented Recruitment” this time, the most elite soldiers will have the opportunity to own specific NFT versions of Saint Giong with the following special benefits:

  • Priority to receive Ancient8 scholarships to access and experience new NFT Gaming projects
  • Priority to receive Whitelist for internal events of Ancient8
  • Priority access to Alpha/Beta events from Ancient8’s NFT Gaming partners
  • Possess a unique identity in the Ancient8 . community
  • Get mysterious rewards for holding NFT
  • Get a badge with access to exclusive channels on Discord Ancient8.

Military ranks in the NFT Saint Giong System are as follows:

  • General Class: 88 NFTs (1% of the total NFT supply).
  • Commander Rank: 888 NFT (10% of the total NFT supply).
  • Soldier Rank: 7,912 NFT (89% of the total NFT supply).

Details about NFT Whitelist to own Ancient8’s NFT Saint Giong

Whitelist opening time

  • Whitelist opening time for all grades of Saint Giong NFT: 07:00 PM on January 23, 2022 (Vietnam time)
  • Time to close the Whitelist of Soldier and Commander NFT classes: 07:00 PM on January 29, 2022 (VN time)
  • Closing time for General NFT’s Whitelist: 07:00 PM on January 31, 2022 (VN time)

Structure of receiving Whitelist

  • 1 Whitelist (FCFS mechanism) per wallet address to mint Commander or Soldier rank Thanh Giong NFT: All participants have completed Commander & Soldier quests (first 8 missions at registration portal).
  • 1 Whitelist slot per wallet address to mint Saint Giong NFT General (Guaranteed rate): Exclusively for 88 people who have completed all missions to prove their dedication to Ancient8 (all 11 missions given out). in registration portal).

*In case the total number of people completing all 11 tasks is more than 88, the organizers will consider the best content submissions (YouTube content and Sticker set) and also conduct a draw for the lucky ones among them. eligible participants to receive Whitelist mint Thanh Giong NFT General rank.

Instructions to join

  • To be eligible to receive Whitelist mint Thanh Giong NFT, users need to complete at least the first 8 tasks at the registration portal. here.
  • Quests to get Whitelist Commander & Soldier NFT (8 required missions):

*Estimated completion time: 4 minutes

  1. Follow Ancient8’s Twitter
  2. Retweet Ancient8’s post
  3. Quote Ancient8’s post
  4. Join Ancient8’s Telegram Community
  5. Join Ancient8’s Telegram Announcement Channel
  6. Discord entry
  7. Join Ancient8’s Discord server
  8. Enter the address of the SPL wallet to receive the reward (not the exchange wallet, recommended to use Phantom)

Quests to get Whitelist General NFT (registration portal will show these after the first 8 quests have been completed)

1. Actively interact on Ancient8’s Discord Server to reach level 10

  • For every minute you are active on Ancient8’s Discord server, you will randomly receive 11-18 XP. From here you will level up through interaction on Ancient8 Discord.
  • To check their rank and level, participants just need to send !rank at channel #bot-check-rank.

2. Create a video about Ancient8 (minimum duration is 1 minute) and post it on your Youtube with the title “#AboutAncient8” (Ex: Things to know about Ancient8 | #AboutAncient8)


Create a sticker set (minimum 3 stickers) for Ancient8 and post it on Discord channel.

  • File type: PNG (static) or APNG (animated)
  • Maximum file size: 500KB
  • Size: 320×320 (exact)

*Participants can choose to do one of two content creation engagement categories or participate in both for special consideration.

*In case of lottery, Top 10 with the best content (As judged by BTC) will receive a Guaranteed Whitelist

3. [Nhiệm vụ không bắt buộc]: Become the Top20 with the highest Ranking through being active and helpful on Discord Ancient8

*In case of lottery, Top 20 highest ranked people (except Admin) on Discord Ancient8 will receive Guaranteed Whitelist.

4. [Nhiệm vụ không bắt buộc]: Invite more friends to the Whitelist Event to increase your chances of getting a Whitelist when a Raffle occurs.

Announce the winner

  • Time to announce the list of Whitelist mint Thanh Giong NFT Soldier & Commander class: January 29, 2022
  • Soldier & Commander tier mint Thanh Giong NFT starting time: January 29, 2022
  • The time to announce the list of Whitelist mint Thanh Giong NFT General class: 04/02/2022
  • Starting time of mint Thanh Giong NFT General: TBA
  • Announcement Location: Ancient8 . Communication Channels
  • Website mint Thanh Giong NFT: http://nft.ancient8.gg/

Terms and Conditions

• Any changes in participation information (including reward wallet address) after the Event has ended will not be counted.

• Each wallet can only prove 1 Saint Giong NFT

• Any cheating will be disqualified.

• Ancient8 has full control over the rules at all times and the outcome of the event

About Ancient8

Ancient8 is building a DAO to grow a community and software platform, allowing anyone to play and build to earn rewards in Metaverse. As the largest blockchain game guild in Vietnam, Ancient8 has helped tens of thousands of blockchain players and enthusiasts by providing scholarship and educational opportunities, community, and blockchain and software products. Ancient8’s vision is to democratize social and financial access in the Metaverse, with a mission to reach, educate and empower the next 100 million Metaverse citizens through blockchain.

Ancient8 is invested by leading funds including Dragonfly Capital, Pantera Capital, Hashed, Mechanism Capital, Coinbase Ventures, Alameda Research, Animoca Brands, and many more.

Join Ancient8 on the journey to build Metaverse!

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