PDF creation tool within seconds

PDF creation tool within seconds


2021-05-09 06:32:02

  • Free software
  • Version: 4.2.0
  • Update date: 11/06/2020
  • Platform: Windows

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What is PDFCreator?

PDFCreator is a useful tool to easily and quickly create PDF files from almost any Microsoft Windows application. Using this tool, you can create, encrypt and password protect PDF files. In addition, you can create PDF files from PNG, TIFF, JPG, EPS, BMP, PCX and others.

PDFCreator allows you to share files via email. It also automatically saves work in specified destination folders based on tags like date, time, username, etc. Last but not least, with this program you can merge. multiple files into a single PDF file.

PDFCreator Features

Password protection, advanced features and more!

PDFCreator is a popular virtual printer for saving documents in PDF format. The program comes with a wide range of features, including page rotation, file compression, conversion, password protection, and more. Although there are many user profiles, beginners can get to work directly. with default user profile for ease of use. The preset settings let you convert files to PDF within seconds.

If you use the setup menu, you’ll be able to customize your PDFs according to your needs.

PDFCreator is a useful tool to create PDF files easily and quickly

Easy PDF security

With PDFCreator, you can password protect all documents with varying degrees of security and encryption. While you can use digital signatures, the program also lets you automatically share documents via email or send them to the printer.

PDFCreator has many modes for virtual printing. In addition, the tool allows reverse conversion, from PDF documents to JPEG, RAW, PNG, TXT and BMP files. To convert PDF files to other formats, you’ll need to follow the same process used to create PDFs.

Electronic signature and user profile

With PDFCreator’s free download, you don’t need to print a document to get your signature. With the function of adding digital signatures, this productivity tool saves you considerable time. A digital signature identifies you as the author of the document and protects your data from piracy.

In addition, this PDF creator for PC allows you to create multiple user profiles for different use cases. If you want to use PDFCreator in different scenarios, multiple preset settings can save you a lot of time and offer flexibility. With a few clicks, you can create a new profile customized for a particular situation.

Advanced features and actions

Since PDFCreator is not an ordinary PDF reader, it comes with a host of advanced features and actions. While using this program, you can easily add a cover page to a document, upload via FTP, use a custom script, and send files by email. Furthermore, there is no need to convert individual documents. PDFCreator allows you to merge multiple documents into a single file.

Since the program comes with a simple COM interface, it allows you to control settings and usage from scripts or applications. With PDFCreator, you can simply wait for the print job to finish, specify the destination folder, and merge multiple files into one. Most free PDF creators and converters don’t have too many features in one tool.

A great tool for working with PDF files!

With its simple and clean interface, PDFCreator has become extremely popular around the world. The only drawback is that the program displays errors for certain file types. As long as you are converting commonly used formats, such as JPG, BMP, DOC or something else, you won’t have any problems. However, if you are unable to convert the file, alternatives like Adobe Reader DC, Free PDF Reader or doPDF may help.

If you are looking for simple file converters or need to add a digital signature to your documents, downloading PDFCreator will be a great choice. Simply put, this is a great tool to avoid formatting problems associated with PDF documents.


  • Convert multiple formats to PDF
  • Protect documents with a password
  • Create a graphic file
  • Simple and neat interface


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