Pegaxy partners with KyberDMM DEX to launch liquidity mining campaign

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2021-11-09 14:39:09

Pegasy chose DEX KyberDMM to increase liquidity on Polygon, with a liquidity mining campaign of 200,000 USD PGX and KNC!

About KyberDMM

KyberDMM is a liquidity protocol that was launched by Kyber Network (KNC) in April 2021 on Ethereum, then deployed on Polygon in June 2021.

KyberDMM allows the creation of liquidity pools with high amplification but low slippage, through the use of USD-pegged stablecoins. This allows users to increase the amount of money in the pool without having to worry about affecting the value of the tokens in it. In addition, the liquidity provider also has the right to adjust the pool’s transaction fees depending on the market situation, thereby maximizing profits as well as minimizing impermanent loss.

Former Polygon users have reaped many sweet fruits from Kyber Network’s “liquidity mining Rainmaker” program with TVL up to 5.5 million USD.

The Kyber Network community has since voted for promising projects on Polygon to increase both the number and liquidity of the main pools on KyberDMM.

Collaborating with Pegasy

With previous successes, the Kyber Network team continues to hope to achieve another milestone when it announces a partnership with Pegaxy and launches a $200,000 liquidity mining campaign.

Pegaxy (Pegasus Galaxy) is a horse racing game series with futuristic mythological style developed on the platform of Polygon. This is a project with gameplay and features as well as a well-developed NFT system. Pegaxy just completed their governance token sale – PGX.

KyberDMM DEX allows PGX LPs to maximize capital through:

  • Amplify liquidity with extremely high capital efficiency; Fewer tokens are needed to achieve better liquidity and rates than AMM.
  • Fees react more “dynamically” to the market and optimize profits for LPs.
  • Better Reliability and Security: Audited by ChainSecurity and insured up to $20 million by Unslashed Finance.

Trade at the best rates on KyberDMM DEX

In addition, PGX traders on the KyberDMM DEX receive much better rates on Polygon than trading on individual DEXs. This is made possible through Pegaxy’s new dynamic transaction routing, which aggregates liquidity from multiple DEXs including Pegaxy’s capital-saving KyberDMM pools!

From 04:00 PM on 11/06, liquidity providers can add any amount of liquidity to the PGX-USDT pool to unlock a reward of 200,000 USD PGX and KNC over the next two months.

Users can “add” back the PGX reward to the PGX-USDT pool for “parental interest”. PGX is Pegaxy’s governance token, which can be staked as well as paid for transaction fees and propagated on Pegaxy.

KNC rewards received can also be staked on KNC or KyberDAO pools for additional KNC rewards or Token Sale on KrystalGO.

Details of the liquidity mining campaign

Campaign structure

  • The campaign will last for 2 months with 100,000 KNC and 100,000 PGX
  • Bonus (conditional): Campaign can be extended up to 3 months with additional pools and KNC rewards will vary depending on the price of PGX!

How to join PGX and KNC . farm

  • Access KyberDMM DEX.
  • Make sure you are on the Polygon network.
  • Access the pool and add liquidity for qualified PGX-USDT pool, there is a raindrop icon 💧 (users will receive LP tokens corresponding to the pool share rate)
  • Go to the Farm page and stake user LP tokens on PGX-USDT farms. users will start getting PGX and KNC rewards, which can be harvested at any time.
  • Claim reward PGX + KNC after 14 days (vesting activity will start every time user claim reward).

In addition, users can trade PGX, USDC, USDT and other tokens at the best rate at the site. Swap.

Join the Pegaxy Vietnam Community on Telegram: Announcement Channel | Discussion Channel

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