People who turn on the heater, the water heater is too high can be jailed in Switzerland

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2022-09-16 19:18:51

Local newspaper Blick reports that the Swiss government has taken drastic steps to ease the ongoing energy crisis in Europe. Blick said those who break heating regulations this winter could face fines or even jail.

Accordingly, a new government decree stipulates that buildings with gas heating systems can only warm rooms up to 19 degrees Celsius. Water can only be heated to 60 degrees Celsius, while radiant heaters are disabled. prohibited use. Swimming pools and saunas in Switzerland will also not be heated during the coming winter months.

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According to Blick, violators will be fined between $30 and $3,050 or jailed for three years, depending on the severity of the violation and the violator’s economic circumstances.

Utilities and other businesses that intentionally exceed their gas quotas face tougher penalties. However, the government has no plans to send home-to-house monitors to check how people consume gas.

Western sanctions imposed on Russia in response to the military campaign in Ukraine have sent gas prices to record highs and boosted inflation overall.

Natural gas prices in Europe jumped 30% on September 5 after Russia’s Nord Stream 1 pipeline failed to resume operation because of maintenance problems related to sanctions. Russian energy group Gazprom, which operates the pipeline, said Nord Stream 1 will be shut down indefinitely. Mokva stated that the operation of the pipeline will remain impeded as long as Western sanctions remain in effect.

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