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Somewhere in the world exists an extremely “interesting” volcano. It has been erupting for more than 100 years, and neighbors and visitors come to visit and use its hot lava fire to grill meat. Many people even call this place the most useless volcano in the world!

The power of volcanoes

Normally, when a volcano erupts, a large amount of magma will be ejected. Wherever the lava flows, almost everything is burned to ashes, even many hard rock types cannot “escape fate”.

In addition, volcanic eruptions release large amounts of volcanic ash. If inhaled by humans or animals, airway obstruction and suffocation may result. In addition, volcanoes also emit toxic gases, which the human body inhales will be dangerous to life.

So volcanoes are very dangerous to humans. Volcanic eruptions will certainly cause serious disasters. But in this world there are still many volcanoes that are completely different from what we imagine.

This is considered the most “embarrassing” volcano in the world, having burned for more than 100 years but locals use it as an oven for cooking.

Volcano “most degrading in the world”

The world's most useless volcano: People's cooking stoves - Photo 1.
The world's most useless volcano: People's cooking stoves - Photo 2.
The world's most useless volcano: People's cooking stoves - Photo 3.

The Monte Busca volcano is located in the province of Forli, Italy.

Unlike most volcanoes in the world, Monte Busca is only 1.2 meters high and is the smallest volcano in Italy. It does not spew out intense lava, nor does it emit volcanic ash and toxic gases, but just keeps spewing natural gas.

The origin of the Monte Busca volcano is also different from that of ordinary volcanoes.

Volcanoes are formed because the temperature below the Earth’s surface is very hot, the deeper you go towards the center of the Earth, the higher the temperature increases. At a depth of about 30km underground, the temperature is so hot that it can melt most rocks.

As rocks melt, they expand and require more space. In some areas of the Earth, mountain ranges are constantly being raised. The pressure below these mountains is not great, so a reservoir of molten rock or magma formed below.

The molten rock is continuously pushed upwards and as a result the mountains are continuously increasing in height. When the pressure in the magma pools is higher than the pressure created by the rock above, the magma will erupt and form a volcano.

However, the Monte Busca volcano is actually an outlet of a natural gas field. Natural gas from the outlet exits, in contact with oxygen, it burns and has been burning for more than 100 years.

Monte Busca lies on fairly flat ground, not spewing lava, like a small bonfire burning continuously.

Local people’s cooking oven

The world's most useless volcano: People's cooking stoves - Photo 4.

Because there is a steady flow of natural gas here, the Monte Busca volcano burns continuously. Local residents often take advantage of the fire of the Monte Busca barbecue to save fuel. Many people organize camping, set up tables and chairs, cook dinner for the family.

In 2008, a mountaineering enthusiast grilled a hare over the Monte Busca fire, then posted online about the dish with “great taste” cooked from a natural stove. This post made Monte Busca a tourist attraction.

Today, the volcanic area of ​​Monte Busca has also become a tourist attraction. People from many neighboring cities come here to picnic, admire the natural scenery and make use of the natural fire source.

Accordingly, Monte Busca is considered to have completely lost “the pride of a volcano”.

Although small, Monte Busca is not the smallest volcano in the world. The world’s smallest volcano is located in a forest in Colombia, less than 3cm high. What’s even more amazing is that like most volcanoes, it also has genuine lava eruptions, not just natural gas fires like Monte Busca.

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