People’s eyes widen in front of Nokia 7650 5G: The design is ‘popular’ with beautiful square borders like the iPhone 13

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2022-05-28 03:20:53

Referring to Nokia, users can’t help but remember legendary designs such as folding, rotating and sliding lids. When smartphones were not as popular as today, the technology world was always crazy when there was a new folding style from Nokia.

Nokia 7650 legendary slider launched in 2002

To recall a past beautiful memory, recently the Nokia 7650 5G concept with a flip cover was shared and received great attention from technology lovers. This design remakes the Nokia 7650 launched in 2002 – exactly 20 years ago.

Design Nokia 7650 5G

Nokia 7650 launched in 2002 is like a super product. With a price of up to 600 Euro at the time of launch, it is much more valuable and expensive than the current iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Nokia 7650 can be considered as the first smart phone with the first Symbian operating system version 6.1 and also the first device to integrate Nokia’s camera. With a unique slide design, users only need to slide up to receive calls and read messages.

The Nokia 7650 5G version of 2022, retains the slider design. However, it is made more refined with minimalist details and larger screen. A special feature is that it will be squared with edges like the iPhone 13 and many current smartphone manufacturers are following.

Nokia 7650 5G will still retain the classic keyboard. When touch screens become saturated, owning a physical keyboard can bring a very strange and attractive point to Nokia smartphones. The 5-way navigation button will also be retained. While the mechanism of sliding up – down to receive calls, open the phone… will be its characteristic.

Hardware configuration Nokia 7650 5G

Nokia’s new 7650 magnifies the screen for the first time, using E5 luminous material as the screen’s material, while the resolution is increased to 2K, and the screen also supports adaptive refresh rate technology. LTPO application. These are all the most advanced technologies currently in the smartphone industry.

The new Nokia 7650 5G will be equipped with a Dimensity 9000 chip, because after all, the Nokia 7650 5G will probably be a top mobile phone, so the performance in terms of configuration will be very high. In addition, the new Nokia 7650 is equipped with the Nokia user interface system developed by Nokia itself, the storage capacity will support 1TB specifications and the maximum storage capacity is 12GB.

The new Nokia 7650 5G can upgrade the capacity to 5500 mAh, the fast charging specification is 80W and the wireless fast charging is 35W.

As for the shooting system, the Nokia 7650 is equipped with a single-lens design, although there is only one camera lens, the camera lens of the new Nokia 7650 has been certified by Zeiss Optical and it is also designed by Zeiss. Optical Coating. Nokia 7650 this time is equipped with a 100MP camera that supports 5x optical zoom, although the functions are not rich, the camera effect is still great.


Basically, Nokia 7650 5G really brings a new device that evokes in many users’ hearts the first phones many years ago. Based on the above configuration of Nokia 7650 5G, it will probably come with a price of 12-15 million VND. This price can turn it into a new craze for Nokia enthusiasts in particular and smartphones in general.

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