Physicist “catches” unscientific errors in Flash’s cool pitch in Justice League Snyder Cut

Physicist “catches” unscientific errors in Flash’s cool pitch in Justice League Snyder Cut


2021-06-20 04:51:56

One of the factors that helped Justice League Snyder Cut attract the attention of the audience, making the 2017 release completely overshadowed is the more detailed and tight script. The story of each member of the Justice League is also deeply exploited to bring the most complete work, instead of being mutilated or introduced in a superficial way like director Joss Whedon’s version.

In which, it is impossible not to mention the impressive pitch of Flash, Barry Allen, played by Ezra Miller. If you remember, Barry first appeared in Justice League while applying for a job at the Central Bark pet store. Here, he had the opportunity to heroically save the beauty with his speed, helping “crush” Iris West (Kiersey Clemons) escape the death scythe in a serious traffic collision. It’s also one of the most impressive and outstanding slow-motion scenes in Justice League, highlighting Barry’s overwhelming superpower that makes the whole time flow so slow to the point of stopping.

Flash makes an impressive appearance in Justice League Snyder Cut with a super cool slo-mo shot.

In terms of cinematography, it is clear that this scene is bringing a good effect, both cool and humorous in the expressions of Barry and the people who are “slow-forwarded” around. However, from a scientific perspective, that scene has a bit of a problem, especially with the detail of the sausages flying into the air as Barry runs to save Iris. Of course, fictional creations are an integral part of sci-fi works, but the problem in Flash’s scene is completely manageable in the most logical way.

Specifically, Dr. Jed Macosko, lecturer in the Department of Physics at Wake Forest University, USA, said that Barry would not be able to run and touch a sausage floating in the air while it was still intact. OK. He said this is just a basic knowledge related to Newton’s 1st Law: If an object is not acted on by any force or is acted upon by forces with a net force of zero, it will remain at rest. or uniform motion.

In this case, the sausage is the moving object. Dr Macosko said: “This sausage will still maintain its state of motion if it is not affected by external forces. However, when Barry grabs the middle, the two ends of the sausage will inertia still move in the same direction, while the middle is pulled in a new direction. The result will most likely be a separated sausage, instead of being intact and being pocketed by Barry.“.

The segment where Barry “grabs” a sausage in midair while traveling at high speed has a bit of a contradiction with actual physics.

However, he also rated this scene as a bright plus point for the Justice League Snyder Cut: “The catastrophic car crash turned into a dance party for the surrounding objects, where the distance between them and the ground changed by a simple equation: y = vt + 0.5.g. t2. The sight of umbrellas, sesame seeds, loaves of bread or sausages perfectly floating in the air is truly impressive and worth seeing.“.

Where y is the vertical displacement of the object, v is velocity, t is time, and g is the acceleration due to gravity (usually the constant 9.8 m/s2) is used. The general idea that Dr. Macosko meant was that this scene created “graceful parabolic arcs drawn according to the flying motion of broken glass or sausages“.

Throughout the 4 hours of Snyder Cut, Barry has repeatedly used his powers effectively without destroying objects when he touched them. This suggests that DC may have applied pseudoscience, which allows Barry to have the ability to manipulate objects in his state of speed, albeit slightly at odds with the laws. Physics in reality a little bit. Each person’s knowledge and imagination will determine how reasonable such scenes are. As for Dr. Macosko, he can immediately see the absurdity, but it doesn’t affect his experience with Justice League much.

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