PlaceWar partners with industry leading investors, BCA Investments, LEAD Capital & AU21 Capital

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2021-11-09 02:37:03

On November 6, 2021, PlaceWar formed a strategic alliance with various industry leaders and venture capital funds. Currently, PlaceWar has partnered with some of the leading Venture Funds in the P2E market. Blockchain Crypto Asset (BCA Investments), LEAD Capital & AU21 Capital invested in PlaceWar to accelerate project development and build P2E teams.

Investor partners play an important role in community development, growth and reaching users from around the world. Each investor makes their own unique contribution and thereby helps PlaceWar push boundaries. In making the significant investment, PlaceWar interviewed each of the venture capitalists to find out their key investment drivers and formed an alliance with PlaceWar.


Blockchain Crypto Assets (BCA) is a Dutch-based investment company founded this year. BCA’s mission is to support startups and upcoming projects in the blockchain space with their expertise. The co-founders have a talented crypto asset management and marketing background and decided to combine the two to form the BCA Investment Fund. In the coming months, BCA aims to develop into a strong brand and provide the necessary added value for their partners.

Why did BCA invest in PlaceWar?

P2E games on blockchain are a very attractive trend! When PlaceWar was announced, the BCA identified it as a potential project without hesitation. The main reason is because of the Team behind PlaceWar. For a project to be successful, you must have a strong team. And there’s no doubt that Placewar has a great team and a great leader.

How does the BCA think PlaceWar can revolutionize the Gamefi industry?

With more blockchain games popping up every day, it’s important that you stand out. What is unique about PlaceWar is the combination of innovative gameplay and P2E strategy.

What is the most anticipated feature in PlaceWar?

Create-to-earn is a desirable feature of PlaceWar. Players can use their creativity to earn money and win.

What are the BCA’s expectations at PlaceWar?

PlaceWar will lead the list of P2E games in the market. With a large community of Placewar supporters and a great team, BCA believes that Placewar will do well and rank high in the short and long term!


Lead Capital is a venture capital fund focusing on investment and business in the crypto market, has a blockchain ecosystem with abundant resources including cryptocurrency exchanges, accelerators, integrated media, etc. Lead Capital also has a professional and reliable trading team that provides effective market value management for users and institutions. Overall, combining international resources and expertise in the cryptocurrency market, Lead Capital will efficiently create and move capital flows to maximize profits for global users.

Why did Lead Capital invest in PlaceWar?

A good project will attract a lot of investors and the deciding key is its team and content. Firstly, Myrtle and Morris, the founders, influencers of the cryptocurrency market and experts in blockchain technology, respectively. In other words, PlaceWar has the potential to be the next big player in the P2E industry, as the team is solid and the pixel system can increase player engagement.

How does Lead Capital think PlaceWar can revolutionize the Gamefi industry?

PlaceWar is inspired by r/place on Reddit from Placedonia. This would be an innovative and exciting idea as an incentive mechanism for the Gamefi industry. Moreover, the innovative design of the Tank is very eye-catching, which is definitely the key to success for gamefi.

What is the most anticipated feature of PlaceWar?

The most attractive part for Lead Capital is Placedonia. Most of the Lead Capital team members are looking forward to the picture of what this land will turn out to be. Regarding the different ways to conquer and protect the player’s pixels, the image of the land must be constantly changed, which will appeal to all players.

What are Lead Capital’s expectations in PlaceWar?

Considering the UI design, the token mechanics of PLACE and GEAR, and the rich game scene, PlaceWar could set another AXIE record to show players the appeal of P2E this and keep player engagement constantly growing.


AU21 Capital is a leading blockchain investment firm with a proven track record in guiding projects to top exchanges and launchpads. Headquartered in Menlo Park, California, the team has years of Silicon Valley experience combined with an acumen in finding cutting-edge blockchain projects.

Why did AU21 Capital invest in PlaceWar?

PlaceWar is a mix of the user-controlled metaverse, the collectibles market, and the best elements of online multiplayer games available. Additionally, their exceptional team strengths, tokenomics, and focus on user acquisition both inside and outside of the game are encouraging signs of PlaceWar’s potential.

How does AU21 Capital think PlaceWar can revolutionize the Gamefi industry?

AU21 Capital is confident that PlaceWar’s implementation of the DAO model will allow their platform to gain significant adoption, as it leverages existing technologies in a new application. Thanks to the community that PlaceWar has attracted, AU21 Capital is extremely optimistic to see how a collaborative community improves in-game dynamics.

What is the most anticipated feature of PlaceWar?

The most desirable feature for AU21 Capital is that PlaceWar’s pixel system evolves over time. After the huge success and positive reception of “r/place” by Reddit, AU21 Capital is very much looking forward to the Sandbox in the jointly curated game of PlaceWar.

With many investors and venture capital partners forming an alliance and investing resources in Place War, the future of the metaverse looks promising. PlaceWar will launch IDO on November 12, 2021 on Redkite and GameFi.

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