Plan to sell CKB tokens of Nervos Network

Plan to sell CKB tokens of Nervos Network


2021-03-22 10:01:21

Since the Nervos project was first laid the bricks in early 2018, the project’s development team has been working non-stop to build the leading blockchain solution underpinning a decentralized economy. through the Nervos Network and Nervos CKB (Common Knowledge Base) – a Proof of Work layer 1 protocol of the public blockchain Nervos Network.

Plan to officially launch Nervos CKB

Note: the crypto market is not risky yet, please consider carefully before deciding to invest.

In today’s article, CHK would like to send you detailed information about the public sale of tokens Nervos CKByte. One thing that investors should keep in mind is that Nervos Network will not use ERC20 tokens or other forms of “placeholders” during this sale. Token Nervos CKByte is a utility token dedicated to the Nervos Network and will be used to manage resources and encourage miners to mine, and allow holders to allocate storage space on the CKB blockchain.

Project Nervos has raised $ 28 million from key partners including Polychain Capital, Sequoia China, Wanxiang Blockchain, FBG Capital, Blockchain Capital, Dekrypt Capital, Breyer Capital, Multicoin Capital, Matrix Partners China, Kindred Ventures, 1kx, zk Capital. Pen Aaron Brown of the sheet Bloomberg also lists Nervos on the list of projects with explosive growth potential in 2020.

The Investigators of Nervos CKB
The Investigators of Nervos CKB

Details of the Nervos token sale

  • Investors will be able to register to purchase tokens on a licensed platform in mid-September.
  • The total number of tokens to be issued in the Genesis block will be 33.6 billion CKB, 20% of these will be open for public sale.
  • The price of the token in this public sale will be 1 CKB = 0.01 USD.
  • All purchased tokens will be released in the Genesis block (the first block of Nervos CKB) upon the Mainnet launch, which is currently scheduled to take place in Q4 2019.
  • Initial circulating supply at mainnet launch is expected 12,375,988,800 CKB (Please see Token Distribution for details).

Nervos CKB publicly available platform

For the public sale of Nervos CKB, this project will work with a licensed intermediary platform and this is the only official channel for the sale of CKByte tokens. The Nervos Foundation does not endorse any other 3rd party platform or agent.

Token distribution during Mainnet launch

Token distribution Nervos CKB
Token distribution Nervos CKB

Public token sale

20% – circulating during mainnet launch, not locked

Will be purchased through a licensed intermediary platform

Ecosystem development fund

18.5% – was not circulated when starting mainnet

The ecosystem development fund will be dedicated to building the Nervos ecosystem and will be unlocked after 2 years.

Plan to open sale of Nervos CKB

Development team

15% – delivered for 4 years, 1/3 in circulation at mainnet launch.

Plan to open sale of Nervos CKB

Private sale (2018)

14% – sold for 2 years, 2/3 circulated upon mainnet launch

Nervos sold 14% of the total tokens in the genesis block for about $ 28 million to a number of institutional investors in early 2018. You can see more details here.

Plan to open sale of Nervos CKB

Token private sale price is about 1 CKB = 0.006 USD

Strategic partnership

5% – Not circulating during mainnet launch

The funds paid to the Strategic Partners helped build the Nervos Network – Cryptape and the Chinese Commercial Bank

Plan to open sale of Nervos CKB

Foundation reserve

2% – circulating during mainnet launch

The Nervos Foundation dedicates 2% of Genesis tokens to good use for the purpose of contributing to the community, such as providing integrated libraries.

Testnet incentives

0.5% – circulating during mainnet launch

Reward testnet participants through mining competitions and bug tracking.

Burn token

25% Genesis tokens will be burned (not circulating).

Circulating cash flow

At a price of 1 cent per token, the initial market cap would be around 36.8% of the total supply, or approximately $ 123.76 million.

The token economy model of Nervos CKB allows holders to lock their tokens in NervosDAO to minimize the impact of inflation during Secondary Issues. The red line in the chart above shows the circulating supply that is not being issued secondary, as users lock up their tokens in NervosDAO and receive a reward of the secondary issuing block. In this case, the inflation index of the secondary issue is expected to happen nominally, which is the equivalent of holding tokens with a predetermined capitalization.

Nervos token issuance schedule

First supply

33.6 billion CKB in the genesis block, of which 8.4 billion CKB will be burned instantly.

Base release

A total of 33.6 billion CKB will be issued. Annual release numbers will halving every 4 years

Secondary release

1,344 billion CKB per year

To learn more about how to issue new tokens, please read RFC tokenmetrics by Nervos CKB.

To update Nervos information at here.


– The Nervos Foundation is not responsible for, approving or participating in any electronic money transaction, fund sponsorship or resale of Nervos CKByte tokens.

– All information about the token sale will be announced through the project’s official website. PLEASE DO NOT ACCEPT OTHER INFORMATION SOURCES. Please make sure to be absolutely careful in terms of buying, selling and owning tokens. The Nervos Foundation disclaims responsibility for any loss caused by a third party, by bad actors or by subjectivity itself.

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