Playground for talented global programmers

Playground for talented global programmers

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2023-02-21 16:00:40

Developers seize the opportunity to find and invest in talent, Web3 projects

In the context of economic fluctuations, the technology industry is also experiencing a period of slowing down. Despite the existing difficulties, many Web3 developers still have high hopes for the future potential of this field. They believe that with the natural rotation of the economy, there will be new and more advanced technologies, creating a premise for better development of society in general, such as ChatGPT. Therefore, many technology enterprises are still seizing the opportunity to focus on finding and training talent and investing in high-quality projects.

Solana has officially announced the contest with the name Grizzlython, represented by the symbol of the grizzly bear, the symbol of the “bear market” at the moment. This is a global competition that aims to build a sustainable blockchain ecosystem through connecting global personnel.

As one of the countries with a high rate of Web3 technology application and strong potential, Vietnam has been prioritized by Solana to facilitate participation in Grizzlython 2023 alongside Germany, Singapore, India, Australia and the United States. The contest opens opportunities for talented people in various fields such as programming, marketing, business, finance, etc. to jointly develop projects and receive initial investment. With a total prize pool and investment capital equivalent to 5 million USD, this is a potential playground for young people in Vietnam to reach out to the international market.

Build a Web3 project and win a completely online programming contest

The difference of Grizzlython is that this contest is held entirely online. Teams can find suitable teammates, come up with ideas and submit projects online.

If you need to find a suitable teammate or need a mentor to help you develop your project, you can join the Solana Buildstation – an event that takes place every Saturday morning by both face-to-face meeting ( HCM & HN) and online. This is an event to connect builders and mentors. Thereby, they can share together, perfect ideas and form a team to go to the final victory as well as get ready for funding rounds with investment funds.

The programming competition organized by Solana has opened up many opportunities for both teams and individual programmers.

Grizzlython is organized by Solana with the participation of partners Syndica, CoinDesk, QuickNode, Backpack, Helius, Symmetry, Triton and many other sponsors. 7 award categories including: Mobile, DeFi, Payment, Gaming, Web3 Consumer, DAO, Infrastructure and the main prize from Circle.

Besides the great prizes, highly rated and selected projects will have the opportunity to introduce project ideas directly to large investment funds such as: Coinbase Ventures, Placeholder Capital, Electric Capital, Solana Foundation, Race Capital, Apollo Global Management,…

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