Polygon network is congested, transaction fees skyrocket because of a blockchain game

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2022-01-08 04:58:40

In the past few days, Polygon users have continuously faced with prolonged transaction execution times and high fees, with the cause believed to be from the NFT Sunflower Farmers game.

Polygon network is congested, transaction fees skyrocket because of a blockchain game

Although it has long been known as a blockchain with high transaction throughput and low transaction fees, the Polygon network this week has been complained by many users about frequent congestion, as well as high fees. many times higher than usual for transaction processing.

However, unlike the congestion problems of other platforms such as NFTs on Ethereum or IDOs on Solana, the cause of Polygon’s current bad situation comes from Sunflower Farmers – a farm NFT game with extremely simple design and graphics, where players perform blockchain transactions to represent resource gathering activities, in return for the game’s SFF tokens. In addition, the fact that Sunflower Farmers has a mechanism to back up all players’ data every 25 minutes to the Polygon blockchain makes the problem worse as the number of players increases.

Statistics of transaction fees on Polygon. Source: Polygonscan

According to statistics, from a fee of less than 0.01 USD, the transaction fee on Polygon this week has sometimes reached 0.5 USD, which is an increase of more than 50 times. Data from Polyscan shows that the number of active addresses of Polygon in the last 7 days has also increased by 60%, to more than 200,000 addresses. However, many people surmise that this number is “virtual”, because it is all bots to plow the game Sunflower Farmers.

Statistics on the number of active addresses on Polygon. Source: Polygonscan

Meanwhile, DappRadar reports that Sunflower Farmers has been the top app on Polygon for the past 7 days with more than 440,000 users, double the name behind DEX QuickSwap.

Ranked with the application with the most users on Polygon as of the morning of January 7, 2022. Source: DappRadar

Dan Elitzer, co-founder of hedge fund Nascent, says this is the result of Polygon’s focus on making deals cheap. He said:

“If you make something that computes and has global coverage with near-free usage, people will play around with it until it breaks or the fees go up to the point of stopping them. .”

The stagnation caused by Sunflower Farmers also provides a new good example of why popular blockchain games should consider building their own sidechain in the first place, as Axie Infinity does. working with Ronin.

The Polygon development team has yet to comment on the state of the blockchain, caused by Sunflower Farmers. This is not a good sign when many big blockchain games like The Sandbox (SAND) are planning to expand to Polygon in 2022.

Meanwhile, although the SFF token price has dropped nearly 10 times since peaking, the hotness of Sunflower Farmers still doesn’t seem to have stopped.

SFF token price movement in the last 72 hours, according to CoinMarketCap

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