Polygon’s MATIC grew impressively after the news appeared at Walt Disney’s show

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2022-07-19 07:04:48

MATIC, the token of the Polygon blockchain, has had an impressive increase in the past 24 hours.

The token price has increased by 18%, touching $0.64. As a result, MATIC’s weekly gain also climbed to the 24% mark. The reason comes from the fact that the above blockchain has become a good candidate to participate in the “Acceleration Program 2022” program of Walt Media. Resonating with that is the bullish momentum from Bitcoin despite the newly released US CPI at 9.1%

The situation of MATIC is quite positive as the crypto market is struggling to come out of the crisis. This token has helped investors make a return of nearly 50% compared to the previous month. However, analysis from the data on Santiment warns investors to remain vigilant in the near-term.

Price movement chart of MATIC token on July 14, 2022

In the latest move, Disney has selected Polygon to participate in the “Acceleration Program 2022”. The program is designed to seek to foster the growth of innovative companies from around the world.

Blockchain Pulygon, along with other representatives in the Accelerator program, is introduced to focus on building immersive experiences and developing augmented reality (AR), NFT, and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. . The Acceleration Program will begin this week. According to the official website, the world’s largest entertainment company highlights:

“During the show, each participating company will receive guidance from Disney’s senior leadership team, as well as a dedicated executive advisor.”

This Matic Network predecessor blockchain has been actively working to make important developments in the field of cryptocurrencies. The recent move is that 48 projects from the old Terra platform “move home” to operate in Polygon.

So far, according to an announcement from the platform’s CEO himself, Ryan Wyatt, his team is in the process of working on several more important projects. Among them, the two most prominent projects are the potential NFT platform OnePlanet and the metaverse game Derby Stars.

The leader of this company affirmed that blockchain will accelerate the investment of capital and resources for “migration”, in order to welcome new developers and their community members.

Polygon is a rare blockchain platform that has maintained its performance through many market woes in recent times. In addition, the Board of Directors is still promoting the recruitment of personnel. The project also achieved many significant milestones, for example, the successful implementation of Avail solution supporting sidechain; smartphone production Nothing and most recently there have been nearly 50 projects Terra chose to “migrate” to the platform.

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