Post photos of customers’ lost items, including McDonald’s employee hats

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2021-06-06 20:33:55

Recently, fast food chain Burger King has launched a new marketing campaign to “celebrate” as more and more people are vaccinated against Covid-19 and businesses are preparing to return to normal operations.

However, instead of focusing on the social activities people can do when it reopens, Burger King addresses things we may have forgotten after all this time.

Specifically, the company’s new campaign (for the Belgian market) introduces images of forgotten items by customers that have been “dusted” at the company’s lost and returned areas for about a year. here.

Each photo shows an item on the same date it was lost as well as the address of the Burger King facility where it was found. It’s time to reunite with your keys, toys and lost items! Maybe you can’t wait to see them, and Burger King can’t wait to see you again. So, Make your reservation next June 9 at Burger King. In addition to getting your lost items back, you’ll have the added pleasure of tasting our delicious burgers.”

Notably, in addition to common objects such as phones, backpacks or stuffed animals, Burger King’s ad also features an image of a baseball cap with the logo of rival McDonald’s.

Don’t know if this is accidental or intentional, but Burger King has attracted the attention of the online community. One user commented: “This is like saying that McDonald’s employees are customers of Burger King. A marketing trick that can’t be more sarcastic.”

Meanwhile, one person commented: “Burger King is quite wise to remind people of the last time they ate there, before the locations were closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. When looking at the pictures. These days, they will think about the good times they had with family and friends in the past. Recalling such positive emotions will make customers want to go to Burger King’s store more.”

Burger King’s new campaign in Belgium shows once again the unlimited creativity of their marketing team. Instead of making the boring announcement that “We will be back to work on June 9”, they created various positive emotions in viewers.

It can be said that, in addition to evoking positive emotions of customers, Burger King was one step ahead of rival McDonald’s when announcing its reopening with provocative advertising images.

  Coffee marketing like Burger King: Post photos of customers' lost items, including McDonald's employee hats - Photo 2.

In fact, this isn’t the first time Burger King and McDonald’s have mocked each other through advertising. However, there was an exception when Burger King urged consumers to order from one of its biggest rivals, McDonald’s and several other brands last November.

Specifically, a branch of Burger King in the UK wrote on Twitter urging people to support local fast food shops (whether Burger King or any other brand).

The branch wrote: “We never thought we would call you to do this but restaurants that employ thousands of people like KFC, Subway, Domino’s Pizza as well as some fast (or not fast) food chains ) really need your support, so if you want to help them, treat yourself and your family to delicious meals via home delivery or takeout. Whopper (Burger King’s famous burger product) is always the best, but a Big Mac (by McDonald’s) is not a bad choice.”

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