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2021-03-26 04:16:18

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Abulaba Coin – AAA code, is available on Coinmarketcap and listed on a number of exchanges. Currently, Abulaba is opening the opportunity to own up to 600 AAA Coin for users.

AAA Coin is the network’s native token Abulaba, used for payment of a variety of services on the platform. Through technological innovation, AAA Coin will be a transactional solution that meets the need to convert cryptocurrencies into cash and vice versa.

In addition, AAA Coin is also used for two of the largest platforms Abulaba was Abulaba GameBling andAbulaba Exchange. It is expected that in 2018 and the first quarter of 2019, the Abulala development team will establish a new chain of mining pool services, temporarily called AAA MasterPool.

Currently, the ICO’s Abulaba finished. AAA Coin is also available on CoinMarketCap and is listed on several exchanges such as Mercato, BiteBTC. In the future, users can use AAA Coin to make payments on many famous global e-commerce sites such as Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba, …

How to get 600 AAA Coin for free?

As mentioned above, AAA Coin is being used in the gaming platform Abulaba GameBling and exchanges Abulaba Exchange. With a new registered account on each of these platforms, you will quickly own 300 AAA Coin in your account.

Instructions to register an account and receive 300 AAA Coin for free on Abulaba GameBling:

Step 1: Access https://abulaba-asdax.com/register to sign up for a new account.

Step 2: Fill in the information required to complete the registration form below:

Registration form on Abulaba GameBling

Step 3: After completing the above steps, you will receive a successful registration notification from Abulaba GameBling.

Instructions to register an account and receive 300 AAA Coin for free on Abulaba Exchange:

Step 1: Register for a new account at: https://abulaba-casta.com/signup/

Abulaba owns two platforms: Abulaba Gamebling and Abulaba Exchange.

Step 2: Complete the registration form below:

Abulaba Exchange registration form.

Step 3: Confirm via registered email and receive notification of successful registration from the system.

Especially, Abulaba also opens up many opportunities to receive attractive rewards for users. Specifically, when introducing more new users on Abulaba GameBling or Abulaba ExchangeYou will be rewarded at the following levels:

  • Invite 100 new players, get 2,000 AAA
  • Invite 200 new players, get 4,000 AAA
  • Invite 300 new players, get 6,000 AAA
  • Invite 400 new players, get 8,000 AAA
  • Invite 500 new players, get up to 10,000 AAA

Note: Invited new users need to deposit at least $ 250 into an account on these platforms.

Information about the Abulaba project

According to the white paper, Abulaba is the community project due to Abulaba Capital develop. This is a technology company specializing in research, development and operation of Blockchain systems. Development team Abulaba is a diverse group of members, including experts in Blockchain technology development and application.

Abulaba also cooperates with many famous companies in the market, including WorldCoinIndex, BitcoinExchangeGuide, … Currently the company continues to make a breakthrough in the Asian financial institutions world with the admission of CASTA Group, Research Group. apply Hong Kong Blockchain technology to its global membership list.

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