PredictX (PRED) is the first PUP project on Launchpool (LPOOL)

PredictX (PRED) is the first PUP project on Launchpool (LPOOL)


2021-04-25 00:25:59

Launchpool just announced the first PUP (a form of IDO) project on its platform, PredictX (PRED).

PredictX (PRED) is the first PUP project on Launchpool (LPOOL)

Launchpool + IDO = Pop-Up-Pool (PUP)

As previously reported, Launchpool launched Pop-Up-Pool – Everyone can participate right from the first round of fundraising of the project. And Launchpool’s first PUP was the PRED token of the PredictX project – a prediction market for DeFi.

The PUP will allocate $ 20,000 to “early contributors”. Users are not required to contribute any other tokens after the allocation is guaranteed.

This PUP is a thank you to the community for supporting Launchpool from the very beginning. And also a test to collect data about the behavior of LPOOL token holders.

To join PUP, you only need to stake LPOOL to start allocation mining.

Tokenomics by PredictX (PRED)

Tokenomics of the PRED token is shown as below:

Tokenomics by PredictX (PRED)

Details of the PredictX PUP

Pool PredictX is now available for staking.

The “distributed mining” reward starts at the 12011195 Ethereum block:

and ends at 12023650 Ethereum block:

At the time of CHK’s news, Launchpool users can now participate in staking and begin receiving distributed mining rewards.

Introducing PredictX

PredictX is the DeFi protocol that brings prediction markets to DeFi. Focusing on automatic liquidity and precisely designed offers, PredictX guarantees the best liquidity across all markets. PredictX builds a user-friendly platform that makes it easy for anyone to bet on their prediction.

Launchpool Introduction

Launchpool (LPOOL) leverages its community, knowledge, expertise and resources to give projects the best possible start, maximizing a project’s chance of success in the money sector. full of dynamic and potential coding.

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