Price list for Honda SH 2022: Rising again, Vietnamese customers should still pay down

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2022-09-15 05:57:41

(CHK) After a few days of cooling down, the price of Honda SH 2022 suddenly increased again, the difference making Vietnamese customers “dizzy”.

Like Honda Vision, the Honda SH 2022 model turned to increase in price in the mid-September days. Before that, the Honda SH 2022 model had a time of cooling down, reducing tens of millions of dong in August.

According to the survey, Honda SH 2022 is currently in a state of shortage, sold out at many dealers due to the high purchasing power of Vietnamese customers in August. This has pushed the price of Honda SH 2022 car up by 2-3 million VND compared to the previous month and 24 million VND difference compared to the listed price of the car company.

Latest price of Honda SH 2022 in September 2022

Specifically, the Honda SH 2022 version of 125i CBS is currently being sold at the lowest price of 82 million VND, while the 125i ABS version is priced at 95 million VND. Meanwhile, the Honda SH 2022 150i CBS and 150i ABS versions are currently being sold by dealers for VND 96 million and VND 116.5 million, respectively. The rest, Honda SH 2022 150i ABS sport version is having the highest price, up to 122 million VND.

The price of Honda SH 2022 has increased again

An employee at a HEAD in Hanoi said the ABS versions of the Honda SH 2022 are currently the best-selling and “about which one sold out”. Besides, this person also said that from this time to the end of the year, the price of Honda SH 2022 will only increase, not decrease. Therefore, although the difference is up to 24 million VND compared to the listed price, it can be said that this is the time to buy a cheap car for Vietnamese customers.

Honda SH 2022 is Honda’s popular car model in the Vietnamese market

Honda SH 2022 is a popular scooter model in the Vietnamese market during the past time. The latest generation SH 2022 is marketed with 4 versions including SH 125i CBS, SH 125i ABS, SH 150i CBS, SH 150i ABS. The length x width x height of the Honda SH 2022 is 2,090 x 739 x 1,129 mm, respectively, with a wheelbase of 1,353 mm and a ground clearance of 146 mm. Honda SH 2022 is considered suitable for moving in the inner city.

Honda SH 2022 has an impressive appearance

Compared to previous generations, Honda SH 2022 has a more eye-catching and modern design and appearance. Not only at the front of the car, but even the body of the car has many details that have been changed, such as the exhaust and handle. Honda SH 2022 is equipped with a completely new eSP + engine block, which brings outstanding performance to the car but has about 3% lower fuel consumption compared to the previous version. In addition, the SH 150 version is also provided with the My Honda + application on smart devices to notify calls, SMS / SNS messages on the car’s watch screen.

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