Price list of VinFast Fadil cars in August 2021: Extremely competitive with Kia Morning, Hyundai Grand i10

Price list of VinFast Fadil cars in August 2021: Extremely competitive with Kia Morning, Hyundai Grand i10


2021-08-05 12:53:26

VinFast Fadil is a class A car of the Vietnamese brand, since its launch, the model has always received enthusiastic support from many Vietnamese in particular and internationally in general.

Refer to the price list of VinFast Fadil cars in August 2021:

Vinfast Fadil car price in August 2021
Version List price (VND) Preferential prices stimulate consumer demand
“Excellent Interest Guarantee”
Pay 100% of the car’s value directly
VinFast Fadil Standard Edition (Base) 425,000,000 VND 379,000,000 VND 336,500,000 VND
VinFast Fadil Advanced (Plus) 459,000,000 VND 409,000,000 VND 363.100.000
VinFast Fadil Premium version 499,000,000 VND 445,000,000 VND 395.100.000

* The above price list is for reference only, the specific selling price depends on each dealer and the time when the customer buys the car.

Dynamic exterior

Luxurious design with the V-logo at the nose, the rear bumper of the car is created in a sporty, dynamic direction, the lines are firm but do not create a feeling of being stamped. The car is equipped with Halogen headlights and lights. fog, in addition, there are 185/55R15 tires and dual multi-spoke wheels

Impressive interior

The cabin of VinFast Fadil is designed quite impressively when using leather to cover the seats, besides the 7-inch screen in the middle of the car with Bluetooth / USB or radio connection, etc. will accompany the passengers. on the roads. Not stopping there, users can adjust the chair direction to suit their posture.

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There are many different colors for buyers to choose from

Outstanding engine

VinFast Fadil’s superior engine is also a factor that won the hearts of many people, the car has a powerful engine, without using a manual number.

Safe for users

Safety criteria is a point that car manufacturers are always aiming for, VinFast Fadil is well-organized with anti-lock braking system, reverse camera, etc.

Some general reviews about VinFast Fadil cars

– Advantages:

+ Possesses a stronger engine than in the “golden table” of competitors in the same segment

+ During operation, the car rides compactly and firmly, creating a comfortable feeling for the driver, the system is safe.

+ Modern, luxurious design.

+ As a brand made by Vietnamese people, warranty can be quickly and conveniently.

– Defect:

+ One disadvantage that causes the car’s battery to wear out is that when the engine is turned off, the car lights do not turn off immediately. This is the point that drivers need to keep in mind when using VinFast Fadil cars.

+ The driver may not be familiar with the hand when the turn signal switch and the door closes a bit heavy.

+ The accelerator still feels slow.


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