Private sale FIN token is now over and launched on a decentralized exchange

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2021-03-22 11:01:19

The FIN private sale token event has ended and will begin distribution on October 12, 2020 and launch on decentralized exchanges.

DeFiner’s private sale on Coinlist has ended

The sale, which opened on October 2, officially ended today (Friday, October 9). With a 100% complete sale and a savings of $ 5.2M in total deposits with more than 630 transactions, the $ FIN token has successfully become a core component of the DeFiner ecosystem, connecting people join.

DeFiner’s C series private sale round with the support of the token sale organizer, Coinlist, successfully ended with a total of $ 5.2 million contributed by the project’s pre-mining program. More than 300 investors participated

FIN will be listed on decentralized exchanges

‘FIN’, which will begin the token distribution process on October 12, 2020, and launch on decentralized exchanges. The decision to choose to launch on decentralized exchanges demonstrates our belief and determination in implementing the decentralized culture.

Upon successful completion of this fundraising round, we are pleased to announce that DeFiner will offer a 250,000 FIN reward to those who have participated in Proof of Premium (POP) mining before the end. This private sale, to continue giving back value to the DeFiner community. However, this does not mean that newcomers will not have a chance to participate. Stay tuned below for more details!

Here’s how it works:

The total duration of the program is 9 months. Every 3 months, we check and distribute the bonus amount. The first payout will take place on January 15, 2021, followed by April 15, 2021, and July 15, 2021.

If you have $ 20,000 in your project’s saving pool, with your current deposit reaching $ 5 million, then you currently own 0.4% of all savings in the Savings Fund. So this qualifies you for 0.4% of the total 250,000 FIN rewards, i.e. 1,000 FIN.

For now, let’s say most of the early POP users took some cash out and the saving pool totals $ 1 million. Now you own 2% of your savings, which equates to a 5,000 FIN bonus.

Some rules to pay attention to

  • The bonus tokens have a lock-time of 6 months, after which 20% of the tokens will be issued each month.
  • Your final reward will be based on the participants’ average daily balance.
  • Your account balance cannot be less than 2000 USD for more than 20 days.
  • Latecomers must maintain an average daily balance of 5,000 FINs or more at the end of this program to have a chance to join the payout program above.

POP payout mechanism

The market for profit farming (yield farming) is still very much speculative at present. DeFiner’s Saving pool is a secure repository for investors to deposit unused capital. We encourage users to use DeFiner savings as a home for their capital, where they can feel safe, relax, and at the same time make a profit during that time.

The amount of mining through the Proof of Premium (POP) protocol will be automatically adjusted based on the FIN price and total keyed value of each asset class. This helps to control the net APR for both lender and borrower to the right range for each asset class. The current target range for lenders is 10% to 30% APR. For the borrower, the figure is -10% to 10% APR. In this way, the lender will have a decent return over a specified period of time. For borrowers, they will have access to low-cost capital and negative interest rates.

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