Procedure to make chip CCCD card like?

Procedure to make chip CCCD card like?

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2021-04-09 06:10:22

Starting from January 2021, the local police organized the issuance of electronic chip-mounted citizenship (CCCD) nationwide. The police force will directly drink in the area of ​​wards to receive CCCD card application documents, creating favorable conditions for residents, students or workers at the factory to make CCCD cards. So if people cannot go to the area to register their permanent residence as CCCD, where do they do it and what is the procedure for getting a CCCD card?

Where can I make a chip CCCD?

District Police Headquarters are still receiving records to do CCCD add chip as usual, with those people with permanent residence in that district.

With people staying in the area of ​​need Register with the police of communes, wards and towns to the place of CCCD procedures (at work or at the place of residence) so that the police will arrange the force and arrange the down time at the workplace.

Note, temporary residents need to fill in Information Collection Form (DC01) at their temporary residence before applying for CCCD.

With Ho Chi Minh City, the police will apply for permanent residents first and then temporarily reside.

Instructions to change ID card / barcode CCCD card to chip-mounted CCCD

When a citizen completes the procedure to change from a 9-digit ID card, 12-digit ID card, or a barcode-attached CCCD card to a CCCD card with a chip, the change of a CCCD with a chip is done as follows:

Step 1: Cut the corner

If the 9-digit, 12-digit ID card or CCCD has a barcode with clear pictures, numbers and letters, return the 9-digit, 12-digit ID card or the CCCD with uncut bar code and an appointment to return the chip-mounted CCCD card to the citizen for use. pending the issue of chip-mounted CCCD card.

Step 2: Return the CCCD card with the chip

Citizen submits an appointment to return the chip-mounted CCCD card.

The receiving officer cuts the upper right corner of the front of the 9-digit, 12-digit ID card, the CCCD card has that barcode, records in the file and returns it to the citizen. Inside:

  • 9-digit ID: Cut each 2 cm square corner.
  • 12-digit ID card, barcode attached CCCD: Cut each side by square corner is 1.5 cm.

In case the citizen requests to return the CCCD card via courier to the requested address, the CCCD management agency that receives the application will cut the corner and return the 9-digit, 12-digit ID card and the CCCD card with the bar code cut. corner right after receiving citizens’ records.

If the 9-digit ID card is damaged, peeling, or not clearly defined, then collect and destroy the ID card, record it in the file and issue a certificate of ID number. As for 12-digit ID card, CCCD card with bar code is damaged, peeling, not clear, then collect and destroy that ID card, CCCD and record it in the file.

In case citizens have been issued with CCCD card but have not been granted the Certificate of ID number or lost, follow these steps:

Step 1:

Citizen sends a written request for ID number confirmation and presents the original and submits a copy of CCCD card, 9-digit ID card copy (if any) to the application-receiving officer at the CCCD management agency where the procedure is carried out. CCCD card issuance, replacement and re-issuance.

Step 2:

CCCD managers check the information. If it is valid, receive the dossier and make a written appointment to return the results to the citizen. If not valid, then reply the citizen in writing, clearly stating the reason.

Note: Time for issuance of ID number is 7 working days from the date of receipt.


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