Project SUI officially announced tokenomic, large amount allocation for airdrop

Project SUI officially announced tokenomic, large amount allocation for airdrop


2022-12-15 03:56:47

The Sui Foundation has officially announced its future SUI – tokenomic token allocation plan.

SUI ecosystem

The latest announcement on the token allocation plan from the Sui Foundation said that 6% will be spent on the user airdrop reward. Early adopters of the platform will be given priority. Details of allotment:

– 50% for community reserve fund (for authorization, funding, research & development, validator rewards);

– 20% for early contributors to the project;

– 14% for investors;

– 10% for the project team – Mysten Labs Treasury;

– 6% for network interaction and community programs – this can be understood as an airdrop reward for users.

50% of SUI is held by the Sui Foundation for the community reserve fund and the above ratio is still subject to change in the near future. Tokens will transfer to the parties after the project successfully moves to the mainnet.

SUI is a blockchain project of Mysten Labs, a developer valued at $2 billion after closing a $300 million funding round in September. Sui was jointly founded by a team that worked on the Diem blockchain and language. Meta’s Move programming (formerly Facebook).

Previously, SUI’s sister project, Aptos, made a big splash with a thousand dollar airdrop. Many people had hoped that Sui would do the same, but the SUI Foundation disappointed the community when it announced that there was no plan to reward users soon.

Recently, the Sui development team launched the Mist unit, which is a smaller denomination of the SUI token, to improve the network’s payment system. About a week ago, Sui launched the Community Access Program, facilitating users to buy SUI in the early stages. This means that the community still has the opportunity to own the token even if they have not participated in the blockchain experience before. In addition, the Sui Foundation also sponsors the project through the Developer Grant Program up to 100,000 USD and plans to pay more in SUI.

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