Pros / cons of popular margin trading / futures exchanges in Vietnam

Pros / cons of popular margin trading / futures exchanges in Vietnam


2021-03-23 01:40:43

The appearance of a lot margin trading / futures exchanges in Vietnam has brought fierce competition and has gradually improved their services.

And to evaluate that, today we will write reviews of the pros / cons of each exchange, from which readers can make their choice easier.

If you are already into the game, you should read this article carefully. (The list below does not distinguish in order)

Looking for more information: What is Margin Trading?

# 1 Snapex floor

It can be said that Snapex is a pioneer trend generator in the trend of hitting futures in the Crypto market. They launched in June 2019 and have grown constantly up to now.

Registration link: (bouns up to 100 $)


  • Only play big coins: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, LTC, ADA, EOS, ETC to avoid price manipulation.
  • The interface is very simple, and smooth. Very suitable for newbies.
  • Spreads are extremely low and have SNAP to deduct transaction fees.

(Spread is the difference between the long and short price, For example if the long / short spread of BTC is 5 $, then when you long or short you will lose 3-5% if you use x100 leverage)


  • Pretty high fees: 0.15%, Swap fee is also high (0.045%)
  • Or lag when there is a wave. Take Profit max 500%

Small tips: You can use SNAP as FEE to deduct 50% of transaction fee. That means the transaction fee will decrease to 0.075% when opening and closing orders. How to reduce? Read the FEE part of what Snapex is all about

A new account created by default you can easily have a trading volume of 100k $, for example type 10 orders 100 $ x100.

At that time you will have 4400 SNAP ($ 44) by pressing the button as shown, after you are done, just make a new account and continue. (Please subscribe to the link above of bta to get free advice from mod margin)

# 2 Bityard floor

Only debuted around 04/2020 but will be a formidable opponent to other exchanges because of their vision and direction.

Registration link: (bouns up to 258 $). For details, you can read about what is San Bityard. Or you can read the summary below


  • The interface is nice, easy to use, supports most of the coin top, and will likely add many other altcoins.
  • Enthusiastic technical and consultant team, willing to listen to customers to make changes.
  • Very low spread.


  • Just born, support is still slow.
  • APP has not yet completed the standard, so it is a bit sweet, probably because it was born.
  • High FEE: 0.15% and overnight fee 0.045%. However they do have a fee discount program that can last 3-12 months. Fee is currently 0.1% (0.05% at opening and 0.05% at closing)

# 3 LMT exchange (Letmetrade)

LMT is an order transfer platform with many professional features. Registration link: (bouns up to 100 $)

Details you can see in the article: What is LMT?


  • The interface for mobile and desktop is very standard, very easy to use, and supports spot exchange, margin, and futures as well.
  • Supports many coin top, leverage up to x125. Take Profit max 1000%
  • Support LMTP bonus (points to reduce transaction fee)
  • There is Copytrade support, no swap fees.


  • High Fee: 0.075% (still cheaper than 2 ku above)
  • Spread is high again. However, it is difficult to know, sometimes we see Spread 2 $ difference, sometimes 5-10 $ difference, so it is not clear when it is.

# 4 Bingbon Floors

Registration link:


  • Play Crypto, Stocks, Forex, Gold + Oil.
  • Very low transaction fee of 0.045% (in promotion, their real fee is 0.075%).
  • Copytrading support


  • Spread is quite high, 5-20 $ difference depending on the situation.

# 5 Binance Futures Exchange

Binance Futures Is a product of the Binance exchange (is the top 1 exchange in the world about Crypto, very popular in Vietnam).

Registration link: (10% discount on transaction fees)


  • Very low fee: 0.036%
  • Supports many coin top, and many other altcoins
  • Supports levers up to 125x, has 2 modes Cross and Isolated


  • Support via ticket should take a while.
  • There are cryptic kill sentences that can be completely killed by the brothers.

# 6 Bybit exchanges

Bybit exchange is a major crypto futures exchange in the world. Registration link: (bouns up to 90 $)


  • Being a reputable floor in the world, with large trading volume, it is easy to match orders
  • Spreads are very low and Fee is around 0.075%.
  • App runs very smoothly, with little lag.


Still new in Vietnam so support is good, this problem ad thinks they will improve in the future.


Each guy has a unique feature that you love. Hopefully through this article, you can choose and use correctly. Having guys has high fees but spreads are low and vice versa.

So whoever you match with feng shui, just whip that guy. For any one, use that and remember to register under the bta link to support. And remember that BTA always has 1 support group chat, 1 free signal channel for those who are bta’s ref:

There are also many other floors that BTA has not updated, BTA will gradually learn and update for you in this article. And here is a summary of the margin floor table:

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