Qualcomm and the Dariu Foundation bring laptops with superior connectivity to students in rural areas

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2022-04-18 06:36:58

Press conference summarizing Vietnam Forward program – Universalizing digital skills.

Vietnam Forward is a program to award students with Always On, Always Connected computers running on Qualcomm Technologies’ Snapdragon® computing platform and equipped with mobile LTE to ensure Internet connectivity. Continuity with 4G/LTE. Always On, Always Connected laptops are working to bridge digital disparities across Vietnam by using Snapdragon-powered technologies to reshape the way students learn and the way educators teaching by bringing the modern classroom to life and creating a world where all learners are intelligently connected at home, in the classroom, and virtually anywhere. About 100,000 primary and secondary school students in 80 rural schools have been equipped with the technical foundations to develop the skills needed in the workplace, thereby becoming self-sufficient in education. economy. Students learn to code in class and bring their devices home to do group programming exercises. Recently, many student initiatives have been recognized in regional coding competitions.

More than 6,000 teachers said they were more confident in teaching programming by participating in professional development training courses. And based on classroom competency tests, 90% of students have developed digital skills and abilities in the STEM field, leading to enhanced employment opportunities. Students also report feeling more confident and interested in STEM, enhanced opportunities to apply newly acquired skills by using Always On, Always Connected laptops to find solutions to problems. topic in fact.

Mr. ST Liew – Vice President of QUALCOMM CDMA Technologies Asia-Pacific Pte. Ltd. cum President, Qualcomm Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand

Speaking about the program, Mr. ST Liew – Vice President of QUALCOMM CDMA Technologies Asia-Pacific Pte. Ltd. and President, Qualcomm Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand said: “At Qualcomm, we believe that increasing access to wireless technologies can dramatically improve people’s lives. This is especially relevant in Vietnam, where we clearly see the government’s digital transformation goals as well as see our role in promoting this goal. Vietnam Forward is just one of many initiatives Qualcomm has launched to bring its technology to reshape the way the world learns and teaches.”

Mr. Nguyen Van Hanh – General Director of Dariu Foundation

Mr. Nguyen Van Hanh, General Director of Dariu Foundation shared his thoughts on the impact of the program on students that: “Qualcomm’s partnership with the Dariu Foundation was critical to the program’s success. With cutting-edge Always On, Always Connected laptops powered by the latest Qualcomm Technologies platform, we can help students build STEM skills, including programming, computer science, programming and controlling the robot. These are all part of our program to provide quality education to students wherever they are and regardless of their economic status, giving them equal learning opportunities. With uninterrupted connectivity, ongoing guidance and support from teachers, students are empowered to succeed in the digital world, helping to prepare them for their education and career. in STEM-related fields.”

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