Qualcomm CEO claims to beat M1 chip thanks to former Apple engineer

Qualcomm CEO claims to beat M1 chip thanks to former Apple engineer


2021-07-03 09:34:45

Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon claims he can beat Apple’s M1 chip for one reason: The company has a team of chip architects who have worked at Apple Silicon, including Gerard Williams, the former head of chip A -series.

When Williams left the company, Apple was so upset that it sued him, accusing him of exploiting the company’s technology and manipulating other key engineers.

In 2019, Williams and two former chip executives left Apple to start a new chip company – Nuvia. At the time, the trio said, they planned to compete with Intel and AMD.

The battle has not been completely resolved, but there was a new development earlier this year: Qualcomm bought Nuvia for $ 1.4 billion. This gives the chip manufacturer access to much of the expertise behind the development of the M1 chip.

Intel and AMD have not yet produced energy-efficient chips like Apple’s.

Qualcomm CEO Amon portrait.

Reuters quoted Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon as saying that he believes the company can produce the best chips for the market, with the help of a team of chip experts who used to work at Apple but now work at Qualcomm.

However, CEO Amon also seems to be planning to let Arm take over the laptop space.

“If Arm, with whom we have built a relationship for many years, develops a better CPU than we do, we always have the option of licensing from Arm,” said CEO Amon.

Qualcomm is still Apple’s supplier, making modem chips for the iPhone. A protracted legal battle between the two companies over patent royalties attracted widespread interest before being settled in 2019.

This latest development could spark another battle, though Qualcomm can argue it has nothing to lose as Apple gets closer to designing its own wireless chip.


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