Quan AP tried taking pictures for dogs with Samsung Galaxy A72, the result surprised the male singer

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2021-03-29 05:35:33

After its launch, the new Samsung Galaxy A72 has received a lot of attention from the online community, especially from technology lovers. Along with that, Samsung also organizes many livestreams with special guests in the entertainment industry to have a direct, exciting experience with this phone, through which also sends customers special gifts. special when ordering the Galaxy A72.

After Hoang Yen Chibi, episode 3 series “Galaxy A72 – Anonymous with technology, crazy gift hunting” with guest Quan AP was officially broadcast. With the natural and cheerful leadership of MC Sam, Quan AP not only sang to the audience a piece of the latest hit song “A Clumsy Apology”, but also had moments of interaction and participation in the challenge of taking photos with The Samsung Galaxy A72 is extremely interesting.

Sam and Quan AP had a good time of exchange in the livestream.

Contributing in the livestream, Quan AP accepted to participate in a series of challenges set by Sam as well as the program to have a special experience with the new phone. One of them is to spin Butter – Sam’s pet dog while still ensuring sharpness and smoothness. The owner of the hit song “The most beautiful flower” also shared that his house also has a puppy, but because this dog is a bit mischievous, when taking photos, it is shaking, so it cannot take good photos.

“It’s really hard to believe, because Thuong Quan also turns his dog, but rarely so sharp and smooth,” said Quan AP after shooting Butter with Galaxy A72 with OIS optical image stabilization.

Quan AP tried to take pictures for dogs with Samsung Galaxy A72, the result surprised the male singer - Photo 2.

Whether Sam’s Butter baby is running, jumping or standing still, the footage recorded by Quan AP is very sharp and smooth.

The second challenge of Quan AP is to take pictures in 15 seconds with many different poses and expressions with the Galaxy A72 phone. The male singer confessed that he was quite embarrassed in previous photoshoots because he posed quite slowly, sometimes at the right angle, but the cameras could not catch up. Therefore, this is considered a rather “difficult” challenge for this guy.

However, thanks to a set of 4 64MP cameras with optical zoom capabilities, Quan AP has very sharp photos, whether taken alone or with Butter, they are extremely “stable”.

Quan AP tried to take pictures for dogs with Samsung Galaxy A72, the result surprised the male singer - Photo 3.

“This is exactly a phone for Quan, because Quan takes pictures and poses very slowly but the phone can catch it, too”, Quan AP excitedly.

Interwoven in the challenges of Quan AP are questions for the audience with a gift for the person who answers the best and fastest is the Samsung Galaxy A72 phone. Along with that are CODE codes discounted up to 500k when buying Galaxy A72 phone on Samsung’s online sales platform.

The program will be broadcast continuously on Samsung’s official fanpage at 8:00 pm on weekdays, from March 16 to April 1 with special guests. Episode 4 of the program will take place on the evening of March 29 with an interesting exchange between Sam and Miu Le with challenges related to the Galaxy A72 phone.


How to join:

Step 1: Like and share livestreams about your personal page in Public mode

Step 2: Comment on the correct answer with the correct syntax: Answer (write all your answers) + Hashtag #GalaxyA + A lucky 4-digit number (0000-9999). Example: Optical stabilizer #GalaxyA 1356

Prize structure

Follow the livestream and join the challenge to receive super attractive gifts.

During the livestream, Samsung will give suggestions and challenges related to an extremely special feature of the new super product Galaxy A72, the person who fulfills the requirements will have the opportunity to receive many awards, in there are new phones Galaxy A72, A52.

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