[Quảng cáo]Repeating the success of the Winklevoss brothers with Syntera

[Quảng cáo]Repeating the success of the Winklevoss brothers with Syntera


2021-03-24 08:14:49

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According to The Business Insider, there are three types of billionaires: thrifty people, executives, and entrepreneurs. The first two are fine, but it will take you 25-30 years to get there. The path to being an entrepreneur is dangerous, but it can bring significant profits to the network when it succeeds. There is another type of billionaire that was not previously known – the crypto billionaire. And being one of them is easier than you think.

Take a look at those who have had success in the world of crypto. Chris Larsen – is a person on the list of crypto billionaires ranked by Forbes. He founded the company Ripple to use the coin of the same name to help banks make international payments using blockchain. Ripple token (XRP) has given Chris Larsen a fortune of $ 8 billion.

The Winklevoss brothers made a big comeback in the crypto business. Cameron and Tyler are among the few who have invested in Bitcoin in 2013 and their net worth equates to $ 1.17 billion so far.

Syntera gives you the opportunity to participate in a promising project at an early stage and get maximum returns. We have completed 13 rounds of Token Sale and sold 6.5 million tokens. Syntera has become more and more popular in the crypto business world, and obviously things go a long way.

This foundation has helped to improve the current economic model. There are at least 3 benefits that will come true soon:

  1. Syntera community

People can collaborate on the platform to help each other achieve their goals. It could be sharing and sharing resources, collaborating to reduce delivery costs or making purchases – Syntera makes things easier for users.

  1. Blockchain-based sharing economy

In addition to having access to the platform’s resources, users can rest assured that personal data and information about transactions are secure and kept securely in smart contracts.

  1. Own your own cryptocurrency

Syntera Sharing Coin help for the operation of the whole system. It is used for transactions, trading, and investments. The SSC is a financial instrument of the future economy.

You still have a chance to join Syntera. The Token Sale round is about to start and anyone can join. But you need to hurry up. There are not many tokens left and the sale will close quickly due to out of stock. Access official website, and keep track of Syntera’s accounts above Facebook, Medium, Instagram, Twitterand chat on Telegram, to receive new news.

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