[Quảng cáo]Tabtraders – Reputable Bitcoin and Crypto Trust Exchange 2018

[Quảng cáo]Tabtraders – Reputable Bitcoin and Crypto Trust Exchange 2018


2021-03-24 09:35:27

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You do not have technical analysis knowledge? Are you inexperienced in the market? You trade “hands” and often lose money? So TABTRADERS exactly what you need! With steady returns of 5% to 10% per month, under all market conditions: uptrends, downtrends and especially good returns in “STORM”, Tabtraders with the Smart Bot trade system is the form of invest completely differently in today’s digital money market.

Introduction to Bot Trade

BOT TRADE is a computer software, after connecting to the account via the API BOT portal will retrieve the exchange data (transaction volume, order matching price, bid price, asking price, …), balance data. account and transaction history and put into a calculator to find low buy points, sell high points. BOT always ensures the principle of buying low selling high (never selling price is lower than the buying price), so there will never be a case where the BOT automatically sells losses. After finding the appropriate time to buy and sell, the BOT will automatically send the purchase and sale orders on the floor, completely without any human intervention.

BOT TRADE is based on preprogrammed in-depth and complex Technical Analysis algorithms. Typically the application of Bolinger Band, RSI, EMAs, SMA, Trailing Stop – Stop loss technique, MFI indicator.

BOT TRADE is equipped with Trend Watcher and Trailing Stop technique to help Bot determine the bottom and top very well. BOT trade is an indicator of market reversal.

In particular, in the cases of a deep decrease or a “storm”, the BOT has its own strategy to bring very high profits.

Bot Trade profitability and reliability

Fully automatic calculation, technical analysis, placing low buy order, high sell order to make profit without human intervention.

Capital and account safety: By accessing through the API port, the BOT does not require a username or password, so your account is completely safe. Your account is still accessed normally, you can deposit / withdraw or buy and sell with the BOT.

Each day BOT Tabtraders generate from 1000 to 3000 automatic transactions, average profit per day from 1% to 5%.

What are Tabtraders?

Tabtraders is an emerging Bitcoin and digital currency exchange that supports many altcoins as well as new tokens issued from ICO projects. Tabtraders is based in Ivannovo, Russia and launches as an investor after tighter domestic regulations on crypto.

Tabtraders.com is run by a group of experienced developers in digital currencies across Russia.

Currently, in addition to the company’s headquarters in Russia, the company also has an office in Hong Kong in early 2018, the company opened an office in the US. Tabtraders are active at charity events, conferences, and education to raise awareness about the magnitude of today’s crypto world and how people can take advantage of it. According to our statistics, the Tabtraders exchange has more than 20,000 active users, executes more than 120 transactions per minute and the volume of transactions is continuously growing.

Features of the Tabtraders exchange

  • Easy account creation: Opening an account at Tabtraders is free and requires no additional verification with documents or CMT but is still tradable for a fixed limit. And if you want more features such as increased transaction limit, better security, users need to perform verification.
  • Security: Tabtraders use many security factors including SSL Protocol, Secure 2 Layer (2FA). Users can authenticate using Gmail tokens or Google Authenticator. 100% of the funds of Tabtraders are stored in an encrypted cold wallet. The company performs regular data backups with the 3-2-1 principle (disk to disk and then save to the cloud). In addition, Tabtraders has multi-signature support to ensure the transfer is authorized by at least two employees.
  • Legal support: Tabtraders support the legal currencies of USD, EUR and Russian Ruble (RUB), as the exchange is established in Russia.
  • Quick deposits and withdrawals: Tabtraders allows you to make a deposit to your account using a bank transfer or credit card payments (exclusively for users in Russia). During normal Russian business hours (8:00 am to 4:00 pm on weekdays), the longest transaction time will be 30 minutes. For withdrawals, users can access instant money transfers or ATM withdrawals.
  • Many services: In addition to providing virtual currency trading services, Tabtraders offers its customers a separate debit card called Tabtraders that shares accounts with the customer’s MasterCard, which can be used to withdrawal and payment.
  • Diverse trading platforms: Tabtraders has a diverse trading platform, including website, mobile phone, with a well-designed and simple web-based platform capable of integrating with applications such as Bitcoin Ticker, TabTrader, Bitcoin Checker or Simple. Bitcoin Widget.
  • Supported languages: Tabtraders platform supports English, Chinese, Russian …
  • Escrow: Currently Tabtraders does not support margin.
  • Customer support: Support customers via email, social media and phone, or send tickets to them.
  • Tabtraders.com is also an investment project trust trade coin. The main activity is forecasts of currencies and tradecoins, with many years of experience, the profits that Tabtraders bring about daily from 1 – 5%.
  • Own and are in the process of developing your own coin.
  • Software Development “CryptoBot” and start Bitraise exchange platform; Analyze and forecast digital currency trends on Tradingview; Tabtraders have the function of switching internally between members; Insider trading, exchange transaction of its currency into other currencies (not yet applicable).
  • Bonus from investment, Bonus% of company sales; Interest from 3% – 10% / month. (Static interest, not including payback).
  • Payback at the end of the investment cycle.
  • Minimum investment amount 100 $, Minimum withdrawal amount 1 $.
  • Bonus commission, received immediately after 24 orders for withdrawal.
  • Automatic interest payment: 2 times a month on the 1st and 16th of every month.
  • Has 2FA security: Google Authy and mail.
  • You can withdraw your investment before the payback cycle at any time after deducting the static interest previously received and 30% of the marketing cost (refundable after 24 hours after ndt placed the withdrawal order).

Link to join: https://com.com/results?q=tabtraders

Sign up at the following link to get 100% back direct commissions: https://bit.ly/2EoAgWh

The investment packages of Tabtraders

Interest (% / month) 3% – 5% forty six% 5% – 7% 6% – 8% ten%
Cycle (month) twelfth 11 ten 9 8
Investment (USD) 100 – 500 501 – 3,000 3,001 – 10,000 10,001 – 50,000 USD 50,001 and above

Marketing plan

  • The company has many modes to pay commissions as well as to pay bonuses to the leaders.
  • You are rewarded with commissions based on the investment amount of the direct member.
  • You get an indirect profit of 10% of the weak branch; Strong branches are preserved.
  • The daily commission cannot exceed the amount you invest.
  • You can accumulate higher investment packages, not limited to accumulation time.
  • Leader is entitled to the sales of system development support.


Investment (USD) 100 – 500 501 – 3,000 3,001 – 10,000 10,001 – 50,000 USD 50,001 and above
Direct commission (%) 6 7 8 9 ten

Some additional information:

What coins and markets does Tabtraders support?

Currently, the Tabtraders exchange is supporting 6 main markets: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC, Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ripple (XRP) and Dash (Dash).

Tabtraders main market is Russia, European countries and the whole world.

Transaction fees on Tabtraders floor like?

Tabtraders As a newly established exchange, all transactions are 100% free.

Sign up at the following link to get 100% back direct commissions: https://bit.ly/2EoAgWh


Through the above article we can see Tabtraders is a reputable Bitcoin and virtual currency exchange in Russia in particular and Europe in general with many advantages such as allowing sending and withdrawing legal money, supporting transfer in many forms such as bank transfer, via card Visa, Master Card, however, the transaction fee at the floor is quite high and when you are a user in Russia, you can get the full range of services of the floor.

This is an advertising article, readers should learn carefully the information before taking action. The Virtual Currency Blog will not be responsible for any damage caused by readers to trust or use the content in the article.

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