Queen Elizabeth II “is interested” in Blockchain technology

Queen Elizabeth II “is interested” in Blockchain technology


2021-03-22 00:17:54

Queen Elizabeth II’s office sent a letter of thanks and said she was interested in blockchain after receiving a magazine issue on the technology.

Queen Elizabeth II is
Queen Elizabeth II is “interested” in Blockchain technology

After sending Queen Elizabeth II a magazine edition, which included papers on the application of blockchain technology in areas such as privacy law, project management and technical aspects. , President of the British Blockchain Association (BBA) received a thank-you letter from the Queen’s Office in person. Written letter:

“Her Highness Queen is extremely interested to know that the magazine is the first blockchain research edition to be published both in print and online.”

Queen Elizabeth II is
Thank you letter from Queen Elizabeth II to the President of the British Blockchain Association

The Queen’s office also added that she was “very grateful for the gesture” of the BBA President and “wishes to all people” at the association.

The UK Blockchain Association is a non-profit organization, praising itself as “the most influential voice in blockchain” and a partner of many global organizations, including the United Nations and the Ministry of Trade. UK, IBM, Microsoft and many major universities.

Previously, Prince Charles, the heir to the UK throne, also expressed his opinion on blockchain technology, calling it a “very interesting progress”, as reported by CHK.

According to Business Insider

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