Quickly “catch the trend”, the ship stuck on the Suez Canal appeared in the mod of Microsoft Flight Simulator

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2021-03-29 15:09:45

The fact that the giant cargo ship Ever Given has been stranded for nearly a week now on the Suez Canal is about to turn into a global supply chain crisis, as solutions take it out of its current state. are both ineffective.

At the same time, this ship is becoming a topic of discussion on social networks and the internet. To quickly “catch the trend”, a mod version for the popular flying game Microsoft Flight Simulator has put the image of the ship stuck on the canal into the scene in the game.

The scene of the ship stranded on the Suez Canal appears in the game Microsoft Flight Simulator

TikTok user “donut enforcement” posted a video showing flight footage above the ship stuck below the canal. Although it is only a mod, the level of realism of the image is surprisingly high. This is not only proof of the quality of this mod but also the graphics quality of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

It should have belonged to the game developer Asobo of this game, but with the game’s source code getting image data from Bing Maps, which is not being updated in time, it means users will There is no image of Ever Given in the game unless using the mod above.

Until now, it is not clear when this giant cargo ship will be able to escape its current predicament to free up this important shipping line.

Refer to The Verge

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