Quickly save 3 AI-integrated applications to help you “plow hoes” smarter and more efficiently

Quickly save 3 AI-integrated applications to help you “plow hoes” smarter and more efficiently

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2023-03-03 11:13:43

In a time when most young people do “nine jobs” to optimize their income like today, taking advantage of the power of AI to intelligently “offload” work while ensuring efficiency is becoming more and more important. favorite trend.

Prominent among them are the 3 applications that integrate AI below. If you are looking for a few technology assistants to “plow hoes” effectively, save effort and time, then immediately refer to these 3 suggestions.

Pictory AI – Text-to-video application

If you are making money by creating content in the form of videos (TikTok, Youtube…), do not ignore this smart technology assistant Pictory AI.

Normally, manually creating a video of about 30 seconds takes from a few hours to half a day. The stages will include scripting, arranging scenes, shooting and editing. Even video creation time can be longer if you want to create quality videos with many attractive effects.

Meanwhile with Pictory AI, you can completely create videos from just… text. You just need to enter the link of an article, blog or website, Pictory AI will convert the text in that link into a complete video. Specifically, this application will automatically shorten sentences and search for more “materials” to create videos. This tool has more than 3 million videos, photos and more than 15,000 royalty-free music in its library.

Some other interesting functions of Pictory AI can be mentioned as text-to-speech, automatic summaries of long videos, automatic subtitles for videos, and video-to-text conversion. So versatile, this application has 1 small drawback – requires you to pay to use advanced features.

ChatGPT – Content Creation App

Perhaps there is no need to talk much about the “multi-use” of ChatGPT. In addition to the ability to answer questions in many different fields, ChatGPT can also write poetry, write essays, write emails, design, …

Quickly save 3 AI-integrated applications to help you

In general, if you work in the field of content creation, then ChatGPT will be able to help you greatly reduce your workload. For example, users only need to enter the keyword to search or describe the idea that ChatGPT can write SEO standard content. Thanks to this, you can optimize your time in several stages such as building a fanpage, setting up a marketing campaign,…

However, ChatGPT still has a few disadvantages. Content written by ChatGPT is ‘fried’ from information on the Internet, while Google can detect such copied content. In addition, some text content generated from ChatGPT is also difficult to verify for accuracy.

AhaChat – Chatbot to support marketing and automated sales

This is an automated answering system (Chatbot) that supports marketing, customer care and sales activities on Messenger, Zalo, Instagram… Specifically, this application will automatically attract customers with “viral” content. ”, automatically reply to comments and quotes in the “inbox”, automatically send marketing messages… Users can also create customer care scenarios through frequently asked questions.

Quickly save 3 AI-integrated applications to help you

The big plus of this application is the Vietnamese-friendly interface, which is simple to use with just a few drag, drop and click operations. Customer information (name, phone number, Facebook ID code, …) is also managed systematically, making it easy for you to search and classify customers.

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