QuickPath on iOS 15 has supported Vietnamese, smooth swipe, high accuracy

QuickPath on iOS 15 has supported Vietnamese, smooth swipe, high accuracy


2021-08-03 02:45:32

QuickPath is a feature Apple launched on iOS 13 in 2019. This feature allows users to swipe across the keyboard, flipping through characters to create words to enter. This isn’t a new feature, Google’s Gboard and Microsoft’s Swittkey have been offering swiping for a long time.

It wasn’t until iOS 15 was released that Apple announced that QuickPath would support Vietnamese. However, the first versions of iOS 15 beta we still can’t swipe to enter Vietnamese but have to wait until iOS 15 beta 4.

I was introduced to Swiftkey keyboard swipe for Android. This feature is really interesting when Swiftkey can learn the user’s word usage and communication habits to suggest the correct word.

The advantages of the swipe feature are:

  • Enter text faster because there is no need to enter each character, no need to fill in punctuation, spaces
  • More convenient to use with one-handed operation
  • Complete sentences quickly thanks to smart suggestions

Later, when I switched to iOS, the first thing I did was install Swiftkey. However, I was extremely disappointed to learn that Swiftkey for iOS does not support Vietnamese. Until now, I don’t understand why Microsoft’s keyboard application still does not support Vietnamese, despite a lot of feedback and reviews on the App Store asking for this.

At that point, I had to go back to typing every word I was not familiar with. This leads to my text input and messaging speed is quite slow. I also make a lot of mistakes when entering Vietnamese text on my iPhone.

Therefore, when Apple updated the ability to swipe Vietnamese for QuickPath on iOS 15 beta 4, I immediately tested it. My first impression of QuickPath’s ability to swipe is quite smooth.

However, like Swiftkey, the initial swipe results will have relative accuracy. Accuracy will be improved after the system determines the user’s communication and text input habits.

Although it’s not perfect yet, QuickPath gives me the pleasure and comfort of typing, a feeling I’ve lost over the years.

How to use QuickPath to swipe Vietnamese on iOS 15 beta 4

First, to be able to use the Vietnamese swipe feature with QuickPath, you need to install iOS 15 beta 4.

Then on iOS 15 beta 4, you go to Settings > General > Keyboard then turn on Slide to enter. You can follow the image below to see the steps clearly.

Once this feature is enabled, you can now swipe across the keyboard to enter words instead of typing each key.

Good luck!


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